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Submitter: Jere Gainey (jgainey@charter.net)
Date: 03 Jun 2002

My great-grandfather and g-grandmother lived in Whiting, MO -- Joseph Palmier and Virginia (Moore) Palmier. I do not know if they were married in Missouri or Illinois, but I was told they lived in Whiting, MO and she died in 1899 and is buried in there. He took the 5 girls and moved to Illinois. She may have been buried under the name Palmer, and not Palmier. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me.

Submitter: Gilbert L. Peppers (gpeppers@tstonramp.com)
Date: 21 Jul 2000

I am interested to see if any one is looking up marriage and divorse in Mississippi County. Thank You Gil Peppers

Surnames:, PARKER

Submitter: (Kathy Edwards)
Seeking information on Thomas Kanley b.12/17/1833 M. Lucinda Keene 11/6/1856 d. 8/5/1887 They had seven son, 1 daughter. I am interested in any info on Octaviou Morelous Parker b. 4/8/1870 and his sister Sarah Catharene Parker B. 5/4/1876. Octavious M. Parker married Sarah Emily Ann Payne b.12/4/1872 in Bardwell, Ky. on 1/3/1892. They had 10 sons and 5 daughters all born in Wyatt area. One son James Thomas Parker was my grandfather. Any information would be appreciated. Will share all that I have with anyone interested. Thanks!!!!


Submitter: D. Dalton
Mon Oct  6 17:18:55 1997 I am searching for the birth and Marriage records of my grandparents.

Alice Parker, b.Oct. 1882 Charleston, Mississippi CO. Jesse B. Dalton b 1878 KY m abt 1900 in MO

Surnames: Parker,:Gray, Dalton

Submitter: Dee Dalton
My family names that are in Mississippi CO are: Henry H Parker m. to Martha (Gray) Russell Parker They had several sons and one daughter Alice Parker m. to Jesse B Dalton around 1900 first son Henry was born about 1903 and died the same year. Second son ( my dad) Carl B Dalton was born in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co died in Phoenix, AZ Nov. 8,1993. If any one can help me locate marriage, birth, death records, etc. on these names and I will appreciate it and having them added to your list. Thank you very much. Dee Dalton


Submitter: Dee Dalton
1880 Census (Ohio Township) Parker, Henry, 39 yrs. Laborer, b Tn.  wife,  Martha Russell Parker,31 yrs.,  keeping house, b Ky stepson, William Russell, 13 yrs. b Ky son, Isaac, 10 Yrs, farm laborer, b Mo. son, Theodore, 7 yrs., b Mo. son, Richard, 5 yrs., b Mo. son, Walter, 2 yrs., b Mo. son, Alfred, 1 yr., b Mo. Alice was born after this census, my grandmother. daughter, Alice b Oct. 1881, Mo. Alice married Jesse B.  Dalton, b 1878, and moved to Poplar Bluff where a son Henry was born and died as an infant.  Carl Blackburn was born there in 1905.  The next son that was born was Howard Dalton and he was born in AR. I hope this info helps someone and maybe I can find Henry's Mother and Dad. Thank you

Submitter: Elizabeth May (elizabiz@yahoo.com)
Date: 04 Feb 1999

Tennessee Eveline Patrick b 1858 in Shelby Co. TN  - Living with relatives named Jackson in Mississippi Co. MO during the 1870 census.  Mother - Cynthia Jane Vasser Father - Robert L. Patrick of Cannon County and Hardin County TN.  Cynthia Jane married someone named Rolston or Polston after 1860 and prior to 1868.  It is unknown if there were any children.  These particular Patricks have been traced from Cannon Co TN in 1842 to Hardin Co TN in 1850, to Randolph Co AR in 1860. (Robert may have died b-4 1860).  Cynthia and Tennessee and other children are in St. Charles Co Mo in 1868.  Tennessee Patrick was married twice.  The first husband was named Shafer.  She is supposed to have had one son with him.  The second husband was Samuel Issac Jones who she married Oct 2, 1876 in St . Charles Co. Mo.  Any info would be appreciated.

Submitter: Travis Jones (TJones2919@aol.com)
Date: 13 Jul 1999

1906 William Paxton and Lulu Barrett married at Charleston.  Both were of Henson. Later they went to New Madrid county and were on the 1910 census there. I'm trying to pull the genealolgy together and need more information.  My mother is the daughter of William's and Lulu's son who was born in 1910 near the end of the year. His name was William C. Paxton and his mother altered his name after his father died. He was then known as Kenneth. You may want to see 1880 census of New Madrid County if you have an interest. I can't seem to pin William down exactly for 1900 census.

Submitter: Brenda Manion (Azbrenda@aol.com)
Date: 22 Oct 2001

I am looking for information about A. PERADOE, who is on page 478, 57th district of Mississippi County, MO, 1850 US census. I found photos of this census on line, and they are very hard to read. A. Peradoe is 30-something years old and born in MO. Can't read the second numeral. I need to know what his wife's name is. Her first initial looks like E. or C., and there are four children in the family named LASWELL. So maybe she was married to a Laswell first? She is 40 years old and born in TN. They have a son named John Peradoe, and I think his age is 6. Can anyone help with this family? Thanks! Email me directly at Azbrenda@aol.com/

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 30 Jan 2002

Hi neighbors and family! In the 1910 census of Miss. Co. MO my grandfather is shown married to E.F. Bert Unknown. They had been m. approximately one year. There were no children. They lived in dwelling #514. Can anyone shed light on this first wife of James Irvin (Phillips)? Last name? apparently she died before James (although I have no proof). Is she buried in Dogwood? Grateful indeed for any info or stories about her or any communication. Thanks!

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 30 Jan 2002

Hi! In the 1870 Long Prairie twnshp, Miss. Co., MO census my ggrandfather, JJ Phillips (James, James Jesse) is listed m. to a Julia, b. in KY. This would be, I think, his first wife before Martha C. Sailors whom he m. in 1880. Can anyone help with Julia's last name, what happened to her and so on. Welcome any info or stories or hints. Thanks!

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 07 Aug 2000

Hi Mississippi Countians! There's a bunch of our relatives that married into families that lived close-by. Here is one where I'd really like to fill in the pieces: I am doing a Phillips line. J.J. Phillips married Martha Christine Sailors, daughter of John R. Sailors and Elisabeth Hogan. In a Davis Estate I found a mention of an E. A. Hogan, and also J.J. Russell (Elisabeth Hogan's mother's name was Russell). From a census I know that two of the children of Ransom G. Davis and Catherine Unknown are "cousins", and ggrandpa J.J. Phillips became their legal guardian. BUT, i do not know which Davis is related to Phillips line or how. Secondly, since Elisabeh Hogans mothers name was Russell (Elisabeth the wife of John Sailors) it seems likely that the J.J. Russell in the Davi estate is related to Elisabeth's mom--who and where did they come from--are their other Russells in Miss. Co.? And finally, is E.A. Hogan, as also listed in Davis estate, the same as Elisabeth, or related and in what way? Thanks, I know that if your'e not familiar with all these names, it takes some effort to picture the relationships! Sincerely, Tom

Surnames: PHILLIPS
Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 29 Jul 2001

For the record, I believe I have found the first wives of both J.J. Phillips and his son James Irvin Phillips. It required some deduction and a reasoned study of some of the research. They are Julia Unknown and Bert E.F?. Unknown. It may not seem like much, but it was wonderful to find what no one in the family knew! I have also found J.J.'s parents! (I think!) They are Matthew and Rhoda Phillips. But the search goes on. Does anyone have information on these individuals? The last names of the wives or where Matthew came from would be welcome indeed.

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 23 Jan 2001

looking for a SETTLE who married an unknown PHILLIPS--they are probably not from MO (though they may have moved there), but what is known is that their son, James Jesse PHILLIPS--also known as J.J.--moved to Mississippi Co. MO during or before the Civil War. J.J. had a first wife which is unknown and 3 children before he married Martha Sailors. A census says J.J. was b. in TN, but of course his mother could have been from elsewhere. Thanks!

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 13 Jul 2000

Hi list! Sometime ago my aunt before she died wrote me a letter in which she more or less just mentioned several surnames that she said were relations. One full name was John Wesley Wood. I have found at least one such individual m. to Amelia Gibson. Children are (at least) Lois Adolph b. Sept 4 1888; d. March 4, 1978 Sikeston MO. And one of his children is Kermit Wood (another name Aunt mentioned). And then, there is Maude (Wood) Darnell. So, I feel I have found the right "group" of Wood's. But I dont know the connection to my PHILLIPS line! Please help if you know the Phillips-Wood connection.


Submitter: (Carmella )
I have been researching the surnames PICKETT , KELM , STANLEY , DILL This is what I know about them so far Lola PICKETT married Robert Bosley KELM  in Mississippi Co, Mo. and a J.STANLEY sign for her to get married it had that he was her Lagal Guardian. I know she had a sister Myrtle PICKETT and a brother Rosier PICKETT; in the 1900 census Rosier was living
with a William DILL.  Rosier was is stepson. William had two small children to I have been told that Rosier and Lola had two stepbrother and there last name was DILL. I need help in finding out who their Mother was. She was not with them on the census and I was told that there mother died when they where young. Any help would be appreciate very much and will share Info with anyone who is researching this line. Thank You Carmella


Submitter: (Ken Piercy )
I am researching the family of Charles Lee PIERCY, b1875 in KY, and moved to the Charleston, Mississippi Co., MO. area in 1915 with his wife Orilla SALYERS and the following children: Claude, Gentry, Etta, Nina, Viola, and Harry Wallace who was my father-in-law. After Orilla died Charles married a Mrs. Nix from Sikeston, Scott Co., MO.I would appreciate any info that can
help me on this family. Thank you--Gretchen Piercy

Surnames: PIGMAN
Submitter: Ruth Weaver (RW3035@aol.com)
Date: 10 Jan 2000

Looking for anyone with information on a Sarah Frances Ann Randolph who married David Powell  abt 20 FEb 1865 in Union Co., Ky.  In 1912, Sarah Frances Ann Powell married an Ira C. Pigman and they moved to Mississippi County, Missouri where at least two of her sisters-in law lived. l)Katie Powell Gibson and 2) Anna Powell Badshaw.  I understand that Sarah Frances died in Missouir after 1925.  Could use some help on this. Thanks.

Surnames: PITTMAN
Submitter: Carol Ward (wesw71440@aol.com)
Date: 18 Aug 2007

Wilma and Mary Pittman listed in their Uncle John B Pittman's will in 1949 and addresses given as E Praire MO. I've found no info in Miss County.


Submitter: (N.J. Vinson)
Thu Aug 21 23:15:34 1997 Reasearching  POLSTON, SHEPHERD, WOODARD, STACK,.
Three brothers, David, Pleasant, and John Polston in Mississippi Co. in James Bayou-- Wolf Island area . David married Margaret Shepherd in 1854[my great grandparents]. Pleasant married Caroline Smith and John Mack Polston married Martha Darks.What happened to the three children of John Mack's?  John, Melvina, and Mary Mahala.  Looking for any decendants of these three brothers.  Will share info I have happily


Submitter: (Jane Polston-Vinson )
Does anyone know if there was an orphanage in Miss. Co. or surrounding area 1860-1880? I am looking for the children of John Mack Polston and Martha Darks.. The parents died in 1865..The children John W., Mary Mahala and Melvina Caldonia are not showing up in 1870 census..Who were they living with?? John W. married Jennie Cunningham and moved to St.Francois Co..Mary M. married (1) Thomas Woodward (2) Wm. L. Woodard and is on 1900 Census..Melvina C. married ?? Stack or Slack..Would like any information on these children or the POLSTON family..Will share what I have..Also looking for info on the SHEPHERD/SHEPPARD family..David Nelson Polston married Margaret B. Shepherd 1854 in Miss. Co.  The Polston family seems to be very elusive..Are there any decendants of Mary M. Po lston Woodard that are searching too???  Jane Polston-Vinson

Submitter: Tom Gibbons (nurinkle@earthlink.net)
Date: 04 Nov 2001

POOL family from Mississippi County around the turn of the century. THEO POOL and JULIA BELLE KING MONDON'S family.

Submitter: Tom Gibbons (nurinkle@inlink.com)
Date: 18 Oct 2000


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Submitter: Carolyn Henry
After much research I found my grandfathers parents.They were John Richard Pool (not Theo) and Julia Bell King. They married at Charleston the 12th of July 1885. Julia was 13 years old and given in marriage by her father Mordeca Morgan King. They lived in Miss. Township in Miss. County near Dorena.They had 7 children.William C Pool,Louisa(Ludie),Charles,Alpha,John Richard,Martha better known as(Mattie Mae),and Harriet better known as (Hattie). Mattie and Hattie were twins born in 1899, the same year Mr. Pool died. Julia was only 28 years old when Mr. Pool died. She later married a Mr. Preston Goode Mahon and they had a child together, her name was Wava Shelby Mahon born in 1905, Charles died in a sawmill fire that same year he was only 13years old at the time. After Mr. Mahon died, Julia Bell married a Mr. Mondon, they did not have any children. When Mr. Mondon died during the 40's Julia Bell went to live in Lilbourn with her daughter Wava. She died in 1947 and is buried in the Farrenberg Church graveyard. Harriet died when she was only 38, she lived in St. Louis in the Wellston area. The others all lived to be in their 70's and 80's. I have more information but can't put it all here.

Submitter: Gena Mai
DateMarch 16 2007
Anyone have any information on a Willie Poole of East Prairie, MO who was brother to a Luella Poole (Luella was born in 1901 and died in 1990). Their father was a (Baptist?) minister

Submitter: Carolyn Henry
I would like to get in contact with decendants of Theo Pool and Julie B. Pool,King,Mondon. Their son John Richard Pool {Born 1900}was my grandfather, he died in 1973 and we only knew 4 of his siblings. William C. Pool deceased in 1955, Altha Pool Harris,[Sikeston] deceased in the 80's, Wava Mondon Moss,[Lilbourn] deceased in the 80's. One of the girls was married to a man named Henry Hawkins from Chaffee,but I'm not sure which girl it was. Does anyone know about the other children of that family?

Surnames: POWELL
Submitter: Karon (glanders@mcol.net)
Date: 08 Mar 2001

Is Mississippi County the county that the Powell brothers had a ferry service in the 1800's?

Submitter: Fount Armstrong (fount@chartertn.net)
Date: 06 Feb 1999

Looking for someone working on the Pressons from Benton Co., TN to Mississippi Co., MO. Lee Presson was my mother's second cousin. His mother was Caroline Hale before she was married, a sister to my ggrandfather, John Hale, father of my grandfather, William Daniel Hale of East Prairie.

Surnames: PRUITT

Submitter: Linda Shipman
I am researching the Pruitt family.  The Pruitt's and the Hill's moved to East Prarie, Missouri from Alabama.  Robert O. Hill  marred  Lottie Clark  Two of their daughters married into the Pruitts. Martha Ida Hill married George Washington Pruitt (my gg-grandparents), Rhoda Hill married Harmon Pruitt, Georges brother.  6/14/98

Submitter: Ellen Thomas
DateAugust 12, 2006
PRUITT, ROBERTS, MAHON, RASPBERRY, SHERRY, HILL, more: Looking for any connections, old school photos, etc. with these families in them. Especially interested in Crosno School, ca. 1910-1935; Anniston High School 1937-41 and Charleston High 1941-43, Pruitt, Nolen, Laster, Blackwell, Cherry, Reeves, Parker to name a few of the class of 43.
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