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Yvonne M. Randolph Wed Mar 12 11:46:13 1997 Looking for information on William N. RANDOLPH who was born 1853 Henderson Co., KY, moved to Charleston, MO, in 1878, and was a school teacher, city attorney, and justice of the peace; married Effie SIMPSON in 1885; declared insane and confined to the Mississippi County jail in 1898; Effie remarried M.A. SMITH and died in 1937; unable to find any record of William RANDOLPH after 1898.

Surnames: RAY , ROWE, HUDSON
Submitter: Marilyn Terry Hudson (one4the_books@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Aug 2001

Looking for information on a family of RAY who resided in the county circa 1900. Any information welcome.

Submitter: Beverly Rich
DateMay 9, 2004
My REASOR family lived in Mississippi County between 1850 and 1860 at least. William Reasor was listed in the 1850 census as age 27, married to Martha E.(Adams) Reasor, age 25. In the 1860 census he is listed as being married to Mary J.(Marshall) Reasor, a Scottish lass, age 30. I know my grandfather is descended from Martha E. Records I have found list his marriage to Mary J. Marshall on Jan 10, 1956. In the 1850 census, William's Mother, Dorothy Smith Reasor also lived with them. She may have died in Mississippi County also before 1860. William had two sons by Martha E. in ca. 1852 and 1853. They were William and Jeremiah. Martha must have died, but I have no record of her death. Can anyone find a grave or obituary for her? She was born in 1825. In 1860, William and Mary live in Ohio Township.
Thank-you. Beverly Rich
Submitter: Micki Cole (mikicole@msn.com)
Date: 28 Mar 2003

Looking for info on Emily Cornelia Reeder, and or her parents and siblings. She was born in Mississippi Co.in 1867. Her parents names were Sidney Reeder and Emma 'Fugate' Reeder. Emily became an orphan by at least the age of eleven. She is my G-Grandmother.

Surnames: RICE, BOOKER
Submitter: Gilbert L. Peppers (gpeppers@tstonramp.com)
Date: 12 Apr 1999

Belle Rice: lived in East Parieie Mo. in the 1920, three of her children in their teens and 20 also lived their and had for several years. I hava a birthday card sent to her Brother my grand father William Sandefur where she speakes of her son Pearl "Earl" working in a restruant their and one of her daughters Ruby Booker who lived in St Louis and Ople the card is in excelent condition and dated may 22 14 I am looking for information on Belle and her family her family gose to John William in 1690  Thank you for woyr help  Gill

Surnames: RICKMAN
Submitter: W. Glenn Cothran (wglennc@ffni.com)
Date: 27 Jul 2000

Seaking any info. on Tennie Rickman, born about 1864 in Trigg Co. Ky. She may have been living with her father James W. Rickman in Charleston, Mississippi Co. Mo. after 1880. Will exchange info. on the Rickman family.

Surnames: RIGGS
Submitter: Zona Koopman (zonakoop@yahoo.com)
Date: 29 May 2000

Looking for information about Riggs family in the late 1800's.  They were located in East Prairie, MO.


Submitter: Zona Koopman
Date21 Mar2006
I am trying to locate the property that was in the name of Bradley Riggs, and John and Mary Riggs, in East Prairie, MO. I know it was in the Riggs name in 1910 and several years beyond. If anyone is willing to do a search for me, I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for a copy of the deed to this land. I live in Oregon and am unable to go to the courthouse to do my own search. Thank you.

Submitter: Vicki Palmer-Smith (VLPSMITH@aol.com)
Date: 12 Jan 1999

Looking for any information on Frances (Frank) East RIPPERDAN,  he was my ggrandfather, I never knew him, I heard he was born in Birds Point and grew up there, he was a river rat and made moonshine.  He married Stella PRATT she was the daughter of John PRATT & Judy Angeline GILMAN PRATT.  They had three children Helen, she died young.  Ted and my grandmother Thelma Lou RIPPERDAN NEWKIRK BUCKLEY.  Stella died when Thelma was a few months old from the Feber. Granny was born May 1917  on the river.  Granny has passed on and now I am on the search.  There might be a Grannie BABBS in Wyatt, Mo., PRATT's or RIPPERDAN's.  At this time this is all I have and info. would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Vicki Palmer-Smith VLPSMITH@aol.com

Submitter: Lawrence Ripplinger (rippjr@peaknet.net)
Date: 04 May 2000

Would like to confirm the fact that a distant cousin did live in Charleston, Mississippi county, Missouri. Frank M. RIPPLINGER and his wife; Jeanette nee Koenig did live and had two children; Leroy RIPPLINGER b:7 June 1915 and Mary RIPPLINGER b:7 October 1917.  Both children born in Charleston, Missouri. Thank you for the HELP!

Submitter: Clarsie Jennings (cjenn@hitter.net)
Date: 14 May 2001

Searching for Mary Jane Yates b Dec 1861 d March 2 1938 Anniston Mo. Married James Oliver Roach, divorced James Oliver Roach April 1, 1904 married Simon Evans. Not sure when she married Simon Evans. Would appreciate any info that anyone can find. Thank you Clarsie

Edna Clack - JAMES, ROGERS
Would someone with the 1850 Mississippi Co Census please look for James Rogers and send me the details? James Rogers, 35-45 years old, born in TN, wife probably named Phebe. 57th Dist., p. 457..
Thank you August 19, 1998

Submitter: Renee Taylor (marktaylor@uglypuppy.net)
Date: 09 Aug 2001
URL: http://www.uglypuppy.net

I am seeking information on my grandparents, Harry and Nettie Jane Lowery. I have very little information. They died shortly after my father, James Franklin Rodgers (7/31/1934 - 9/1991) was born in Bluffington. They had several children. My aunt, Della Payne, thinks they came from Harrisburg, IL. My father's aunt, Bessie Harmon, raised him, but I don't know if she was Harry's or Nettie's sister. Does anyone have any information on the Rodgers/Lowery/Harmon families?

Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips)
Date: 05 Aug 2001

Looking for parents of Martha WOOD, wife of Enoch WOOD whose daughter is Cora Emaline WOOD (later CREWS). Their name supposedly is ROGERS/RODGERS. They lived in Dogwood MO (Miss. Co; Long Prairie Township) in later life. 1800's--1950. Would like to know Martha Rogers' parents, where they came from, other siblings and proof that she is the one m. to Enoch WOOD. Thanks!!!

Carol LaPorte Wed Jul 9 18:53:55 1997 I am researching the following families in Scott County, Missouri: Rose, Barnes, Stone, Walker, Upshaw, Tignor(Tigner), Kern, Friend, Corvick and Bentley. I will be happy to exchange information on these families*.  

Submitter: Susie M. Thomas (doodie@deltaland.net)
Date: 24 Mar 2001

Looking for information and descendents of John M. ROWE, M.D. b. 1841 in Carroll Co. TN m. 1st Josaphine Jordon [3 children] 2nd Julia E. Russell [at least one child]. John's widow collect Civil War Veteran's Pension in 1919. One of John's sons, Walter was a rural post office carrier in Charleston, MO in 1910. Another son, Hubert was a postal clerk. I am an amature genalogist and John M. Rowe is my paternal great grandfather. Thanks, Susie T.

Submitter: Knox Martin
Date24 May 2004
Does anybody know if there was a GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) camp in Mississippi County, and if so has anybody done any research on the veterans who were members. I am searching for a photo of John M. ROWE, a veteran of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment (Union) who moved to Charleston after the war and was a doctor there until his death in 1919. If he was a member of the GAR or of MOLLUS there could be a photo of him or an article. I would appreciate the assistance. Regards, Knox Martin

Submitter: Bill Huff
I am looking for any realitives or information on my grandparents Rufus and Lillie (Feagins) Hale. My mother is Penny Marie Hale. She changed her name from Jessie Hale. She was born in East Praire, MO.

Surnames: RUSH, SWANK
Submitter: jan thomas (pta@cybertron.com)
Date: 20 Apr 1999
URL: n/a

Interested in information regarding Alfred Rush of Rush Ridge, Mississippi Co. or Sarah Swank, both of whom lived there in the nineteenth century. Jan

RUSHING Can anyone shed light on the RUSHING families that moved to Miss. Co Mo. early 1800,s?  I have 3 or 4 names and nothing else.  Any RUSHING researchers out there?
Mail to,Joyce
Joyce Rushing
Sept. 2, 1998

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