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Walker1908BuckeyePat (Yandell) Harris

Surnames: WALKER
Submitter: Ann Humphrey (annh@mt-vernon.com)
Date: 15 Sep 1998
URL: Walker
WALKER, J.C., wife Charity, son Wiley.  They were married in Mississippi County, MO in 1877.  Looking for any evidence they may have lived there, ie 1880 census.

Submitter: Lynda Moreau (dustbuny@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 14 Nov 1998

Looking for any information on J.N. (Joseph Napoleon) Walgamot/Walgamotte.  He was married to 1. Nancy Brantly and then to 2. Mary Binford. Lived in the Charleston area, buried Oak Grove Cemetery.  Need marriage record for second marriage.  This family moved back and forth between Mississippi County, MO and Fulton/Hickman Counties in KY.  Will exchange info - have lots to share!

Submitter: Alvin J Walters (alvin@aol.com)
Date: 31 Aug 2002

My Grandfather name Stacy Walters married Joanne Blackwell; son: Wiley Elisha Walters,Moved to Rayville,Louisiana,early 1900,I think my Great-Grandfather was Mose Walters. My Mother name was Cleo patra Walters her Father was Joe m, Gorden or Godron married to Lucy . If any one can help me . Please call Alvin Walters 318 765 2291 Thanks

Submitter: Alvin J Walters (alvin@aol.com)
Date: 31 Aug 2002

My Grandfather name Stacy Walters married Joanne Blackwell;from Laurel Mississippi son: Wiley Elisha Walters,Moved to Rayville,Louisiana,early 1900,I think my Great-Grandfather was Mose Walters. My Mother name was Cleo patra Walters her Father was Joe m, Gorden or Godron married to Lucy .From Morton,Mississippi If any one can help me . Please call Alvin Walters 318 765 2291 Thanks

Surnames: WALTRIPP
Submitter: otis metcalf jr. (metcalfs@i1.net)
Date: 04 Aug 1999

I am looking for any thing about Toller r. Waltripp, who married a daughter of David Mitchell and Rhoda Ann Metcalf, moved from Pope co Il.( possibly) to Miss. or Scott co. before the turn of the century.    Otis metcalf jr.     metcalfs@i1.net

Surnames: WARD
Submitter: Cindy (juicyndark@aol.com)
Date: 19 Jun 1999

WARD Seeking information on Jesse (Jessee or Jessy)WARD.He was in Charlston in the 1870 census. Jesse was part Black and Native American. He was married at that time to Lena (maiden name unknown). He also lived in Hickman Co.,KY Any info on him or his parents would be appreciated.

Surnames: WARD, GEORGE W.
Submitter: Larry Ward (larsha@webtv.net)
Date: 23 Jan 1999

Looking for any information on George W. Ward and Margaret Pinion Ward who lived at Whiting, Missouri about 1900.  I have information that he had a lumber business (Ward Lumber Company) located there.  I obtained this info thru NARA and Dawes Rejection Rolls.  Thanks

Submitter: Tom ward (tonsorialtom@webtv.net)
Date: 18 Feb 1999
Ward,Jackson,Rien I need birth and marriage records on these names please.I am new on the imternet so I don,t know what URL means.Iwould appreciate a reply as soon as possible thank you,  Tom Ward

Surnames: WEAVER
Submitter: Judy Weaver (weacon1@aol.com)
Date: 14 Mar 1999

I am looking for info on Nancy Weaver a Cherokee Native American killed in Chester, Il. in 1902.  She was married to Eanock Weaver.  I am searching for her burial site, possible East Prairie, Mo. and her maiden name.

Surnames: WEAVER
Submitter: David Stratton (dkstrat@digitechs.com)
Date: 11 Feb 1999

Looking for information on Eanoch or Enoch Weaver who lived in Chester, Randolph, IL.  We are told he is buried beside his sister near East Prairie in Mississippi Co., MO.  He was married to an Indian lady who is buried beside her parents in the same cemetery.

Submitter: Kay Emmons Hale (bobhale@swbell.net)
Date: 10 Sep 1999

Looking for connections for: BARNEY WEEKLY/WEEKLEY - FRANCIS D. STICKNEY - MARY ELLEN WEEKLEY - SARAH JANE SMITH PIGG - LUCY STICKNEY - Any help with information or family will be appreciated.   You can reach me at bobhale@swbell.net Thanks

Surnames: WEEKLY, JUDD
Submitter: gary weekly (garyweekly@webtv.net)
Date: 26 Sep 2000

WILLIAM WEEKLY FAMILY trying to locate any info on William Weekly, born 1839 - died 1874. married sarah judd on 9-20-1863.Son, John Weekly, born on 12-18-1867 - died on 10-12-1948. John may have been born in Charleston, Mo. Family later moved to Buchanan Co., Mo.

Submitter: Judy Weaver weacon1@aol.com
Date: 27 Mar 1999
I am looking for Cherokee relatives of Nancy C. Weaver died 1906 buried in Dogwood Cemetery, East Prairie.  I was told that her Cherokee family had her buried in Dogwood Cemetery after she was found hanged in her cabin.  She had between 9 and 14 children and was married to Enoch Weaver.

Would anyone have knowledge or information on this family? 1860 Census..Long Prarie Township..Mississippi Co. Missouri George Weicker 25 Farmer b. ? Germany Mary Jane 18 b. Tenn Francis E. 6/12 b. Mo Mary Jane was the daughter of Ambrose and Milly J. Lett of Mississippi Co. Francis E. may be buried somewhere in Mississippi Co. Any information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated Thank You
Darla Myler--Sat Aug 22 07:08:41 1998

Pat Nance I am interested in Amanda, Roland, John Wesley, or Richardson Bass who were in Mississippi Co during the 1880's.  Amanda and Roland married their spouses in Charleston.  Roland moved with his father John and Grandfather Richardson to Saline Co AR.

Submitter: madison jeptha west/Martha Derrington (skempto@somerton.k12.az.us)
Date: 11 Sep 2000

Seeking date of marriage for Madison Jeptha West & Martha Elizabeth Morgan. Don't have any info on ms. morgan. Thanks. Shelda

Submitter: Patti (applause@mindspring.com)
Date: 10 Jul 1999

I am looking for info on John William WEST, born around 1832 and died in Birds Point, Mississippi County in 1862. Any info ( marriages, children, migration) is appreciated.

Submitter: Tanya Becker (BATHIYA@aol.com)
Date: 21 Mar 1999

WHITT-DIVINNEY-MARTIN Looking for descendants of Andrew Carroll WHITT & Louisa Frances DIVINNEY m. 13 July 1870 in Mississippi County.  Descendants of Samuel R. WHITT & Rosanna Martin m. 1870 Mississippi County. Children were Fannie and Peter WHITT.

Submitter: Tanya Autry Becker (BATHIYA@aol.com)
Date: 26 Sep 1998
Looking for descendants of Samuel R. WHITT & Rosanna MARTIN m. May 11, 1870 at Long Prairie Township, MISSISSSIPPI COUNTY, Mo. Rosanna's mother, Elizabeth MARTIN was a resident there. Samuel R.Whitt was originally from McNairy County, TENNESSEE and went to Missouri following the Civil War during which he served in the 6th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry (Union). Samuel died Feb 20, 1881 in Bertrand, Mississippi Co.  Rosanna died May 23, 1883. Following her death guardian of Peter, Thomas, Mollie & Fannie WHITT was one John R. SIMPSON of Blodgett, Scott County, Missouri. I am looking for any descendants of this family.  I believe Samuel R. WHITT was the brother of my gr. grandfather, ANDREW CARROLL WHITT of McNairy County, TN.  Anyone with any info please respond.

Submitter: Ken Wilburn (laura113@apk.net)
Date: 13 Mar 2000

Chales Wilburn born in Sikeston, MO on 1/6/1890 married Eula Russell from Hickman County TN. and had 4 children.  One of them Calvin Wilburn the oldest born 3/1/1912 in Wolf Island MO.  Calvins Grandparents were B F Wilburn and Mamie Darnes? Charles is buried in Big Opening cemetery.  Any one know where that is?  Does any of this sound familar to anyone?  Let me know.

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitter: Susan Jurado susan@socket.net)
Date: 28 Dec 1999

I'm looking for information on Eli, Jack, Ora Fay, Albert ,Maude, and Lorene Williams.  They are Great Grandparents and Great and Uncles.

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitter: Wes McNeese (wes@keynet.net)
Date: 19 Nov 1998

I have a relative, EFFIE WILLIAMS who died and was buried in Mississippi County.  She was buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Charleston, the ceremonies handled by a funeral director by the name of Travis Shelby.  I want to visit the cemetery and try to find her gravestone.  Can someone tell me where the cemetery is located, its address and or a phone number for it?  I want to try to get a funeral program.  Does the funeral director or funeral home still exist?  She died in 1946

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitter: Wesley G. Robinson-McNeese (wes@keynet.net)
Date: 17 Jan 1999

Please give me tips on how I might get an obituary and/or newspaper death notice for EFFIE WILLIAMS? She died September 19, 1946 in Pinhook.  I tried the County library, but they could find no newspaper notice.  Since she was a Black American, is it possible that she might have been listed in a local Black newspaper (if such existed)?  I have her death certificate.  I was hoping to learn more from an obituary. Thank you.

                       GEORGE SMITH m. MOLLIE (Y), one of there childrens name is my       grandfather JOSEPH EDWARD SMITH b. 1882 d. 1966 MO. JOE m.       SALLY C. WILSON b. 1889 TN d. 1962 MO. Her father and mothers       name was WILLIAM WILSON m. MARY RUSSOM. There is possibly       that they had two son's ANDREW and JOE, I am not for sure though.       I was told that my SMITHS were native indians, ( CHOCOTAW and/or       CHEROKEE)  not for sure on that too.
      Thank you
Thu Aug 27 14:56:30 1998

Submitter: Rodney Wood
DateMarch 18, 2005
Looking for any information on: James H. Wood 10/29/1861 - 2/4/1951 Elizabeth "Lizzie" E. (Bonifield) Wood 9/27/1871 - 8/2/1948 They were married 10/10/1889 in Charleston. I know they are buried at Oak Grove Cemetary, and all decesendents forward.

Surnames: WOOD CREWS
Submitter: Tom Phillips (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 30 Jun 2001

Hi! looking for a connection between Enoch and Martha WOOD and John Wesley WOOD. In the Dogwood, or Long Prairie Twnshp, Miss. Co. MO. 1800's. Enoch and Martha had daughter Cora Emaline Wood who married George Madison CREWS. Thanks!

Submitter: Kelly Gillespie
Looking for information on Jackson Woodruff (born OH) married to Melinda Solemy Thompson (born IL) July 16, 1849 in Mississippi County, MO Daughter Ellen Woodruff, born ? MO 1859. Family moved to IL. Ellen is my G G Grandmother.

Submitter: Eileen Cook
Date8-20- 04 Hi listers, does anyone know if a NAME INDEX exists for the 1910 census? I am looking for a child and I have no idea who this child would be living with. Her mother is deseased and her father is working and staying in a boarding house. I am interested in the bootheel area but the last place the family lived before the mother's death was East Prarie. They also lived in Morehouse at one time. Thank you for any information. Geneii3@aol.com

Submitter: Eileen Cook (Geneii1@aol.com)
Date: 31 Jan 2002

I am looking for information on my grandmother LILLIE ANN (BAKER RHODES)WOOTEN. She died 11 December 1907. I do not know exactly where she lived at her death but she had a baby born 1906 in East Prairie, MO. She also had two children in New Madrid Co. Her husband was James Elmer Wooten and her first husband was Daniel "Buddy" Rhodes. Her mother was Julia C. Parker and her father Reuben Baker. Does anyone know where she is buried?

Submitter: Eileen Cook (Geneii1@aol.com)
Date: 30 Dec 2000

WOOTEN, Lilly Ann this is my grandmother. She died I believe in or near East Prarie 11 December 1907. She was married to James Elmer Wooten and had two female children. Previously she was married to Daniel Rhodes and had two female children. She died one year after her last child who was born in East Prarie. Her maiden name was Baker. Her other children were born in Morehouse, Wyatt. I can find no record of her death. Any help would be appreciated

Submitter: Gary Logan Conlin (Garyl15059@aol.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2000

I am looking for any old school pictures taken of the Worthy's, Riggin's, and Melton's children. They all attended the Pinhook, Wolf Island, and Dorena Schools. The time period would be from 1950-1960's. I have a few school pictures of some of my Aunts and Uncles on the Worthy side of the family, but am looking for more. If you know where I could find any, please let me know! Thanks in advance! Gary Conlin

Gary Conlin I am researching the Worthy family of Mississippi Co. MO, mainly from East Prairie and Dorena!
I am looking for a long lost Half-Brother to my late Grandfather  Arthur Junior ( A.J.) as he is formerly known.  His father
Arthur W. Worthy was married to a woman before, having a son with her!  I guess they later divorced, and he married
Lula Belle Frazier  from Dyersburg Tenn., by this time no one knew where his first son was.  They later moved to
Mississippi Co., Mo and had 6 kids of which two died at birth!  Arthur Junior, Eugene, Robert, and Opal were they 4 who
survived, they were all from Mississippi Co!  Granpa A.J. told me his half brothers name might be J.W. Worthy, but we are
not sure. If you have any information on the Worthy's please let me know by E-Mailing me, i would really apreciate it!  This
information would be in memory of my late Grandfather A.J. Worthy, who died in 1994 in East Prairie, without knowing his half-brother!!  Thanks, Gary

Submitter: Barbara Wray (bwray@columbia-center.org)
Date: 26 Oct 1998
URL: bwray@columbia-center.org
Looking for info on Samuel Wray born January 23, 1857 buried Chambersville Cemetary, Fordyce, Arkansas married to Alice Parks on April 16, 1885 in Mississippi County.  Alice is also buried at Chambersville Cemetary in Fordyce, Arkansas.  She died 1917.  Also looking for info on Margaret Roberts married to Samuel R. Wray on March 15, 1883 in Mississippi County.  No other information known about her.  Also looking for Jennie Parks (sister to Alice) who married Fred Fields July 12, 1886 in Mississippi County.  Jennie is buried at Chambersville Cemetary also - no date known when she died.  These people may be connected too Maud Wray married to J. W. Skaggs Nov. 1883; John Parks married to Rachel Comstock in 1855 in Mississippi County, and Lura Parks married to William A. Burnes 1874 in Mississippi County.

Surnames: WRIGHT
Submitter: Stuart Wright (slwright58@juno.com)
Date: 02 Aug 1999

Hoping to find James Jonas Wright, born around 1861 in Trigg Co, KY. Father was Moses Wright of Trigg Co, born 1818 in VA. Moved from KY around 1898, possibly to Mississippi County, MO.

Surnames: WYATT
Submitter: Theresa (tee1cal@aol.com)
Date: 05 Apr 2001

WYATT - Does anyone know the history of WYATT, MO and any information on the WYATT family that the city/town is named for? I'm stuck and looking for information on my gggrandfather, Samuel Wyatt, b. in either VA or KY btwn 1800 & 1822. Had at least two sons, Thomas & Joseph Larkin Wyatt. Thomas settled in MO and Joseph settled in IA.

Brenda Wyatt Mon Oct 14 20:21:47 1996
I am searching for descendants of my great aunt Mary R. Watson b. 1870 in Benton Co. TN. She married Wiliam H. Carter 7-12-1896 at William McGills in Mississippi Co. William Riley McGill married Mary's sister Martha J. Watson.

Brenda Wyatt Mon Oct 14 19:22:35 1996I am searching for information on the descendants of my great uncle George W. WATSON b. 1868 Benton Co. TN and wife Nancy PRESSON m. 7-7-1893 who lived in Mississippi Co. MO. I have found one son Virgil Green WATSON b. 5-20-1896 Bertrand, MO and a daughter of his named Margie b. 1924.

Brenda Wyatt Mon Oct 14 20:17:09 1996I am looking for information on the descendants of my great aunt Minnie Belle Watson b. 1873 in Benton Co. TN. She married William Hampton Presson b. 1867 TN, m. 1894 in East Township of New Madrid Co. MO. In 1910 they were in Long Prairie Township in Mississippi Co. MO with sons Clarence b. 1896 and Thomas b. 1904.

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