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Submitter: Barbara (Goforth) Fitzwater (fitzwater688@yahoo.com)
Date: 23 Mar 2003

The following individuals were married in Mississippi County, however, I have not been able to locate any additional information on them in Mississippi County. 1. James GOFORTH married Lucy Ann McCLAIN in 1858 2. Hulda GAMBREL married George HOPPER 1871 3. David W. HOPPER married Elizabeth BRISTO 1854 4. Richard STAGGS married Missouri M. BRISTOW 1868 I am searching for Thomas Jefferson GOFORTH born 1846 in Kentucky who is my gr-grandfather and I believe James Goforth and Hulda Goforth Gambrel Hopper listed above are his siblings. It appears these members of my GOFORTH line spent some time in Mississippi County, Missouri at least between 1858 and 1871. I have also found various members of the family in Hickman, Ballard, and Carlisle Counties, Kentucky and in Dyer and Lauderdale County, Tennessee. I have spent years tracking Thomas Jefferson Goforth trying to find his parents and I have had no success. The earliest I find him is in Lauderdale County, TN when he married Rhoda Nice Caroline STAGGS in 1868. I can not locate him or his family on the 1850 or 1860 census of any state. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Barbara (Goforth) Fitzwater fitzwater688@yahoo.com Related family names: ABLES, BODKINS, BRISTO/BRISTOW, FREEZE, GAMBLE/GAMBREL, GOFORTH, HOPPER, McCLAIN, STAGGS, WICKS

Surnames: ADAMS
Submitter: D. Adams (candi32@earthlink.net)
Date: 09 Apr 2002

searching family descendents of Kager Adams wife was Dolly Mildred Williams, Kager's fathers name was John Adams, born possibly in alabama (race white) Kager had posibly 3 or more brothers Quincy,Harold. Kager had 10 chidren 9 boys and 1 girl.

Submitter: Phyllis Hester (okcphyl@cox.net)
Date: 10 Oct 2007

Could someone please look up a marriage for me in Charleston, MO - my parents, approx. 1931-1936, James K. Adams and Zula L. Bennett.  Thank you so much.

Submitter: Betty Wilson (phxwilson@aol.com)
Date: 28 Jun 2000

Researching the Phillip ADAMS family. His wife's name was Loueza (Louisa). She was previously married and had a son named Tom Garrett. Phillip was also previously married and had three sons by that union. Together Phillip and Loueza had two daughters: Mary Della (dob: 1878) and Minnie Bell ADAMS. Does any one have any information on this family. The family moved to Lamar County, Texas about two years after the youngest daughter was born.

Submitter: Vicki Sams Corrick
Date: 15 Jan 2003

Came across pictures of the following persons, in a box of pictures belonging to my grandmother Velma Lochridge Sams. If you would like a copy of any of these pictures please e-mail me at. ecorrick@hiwaay.net Vicki Sams Corrick Donald Ahlfield, Mabel Carter, Willie Gilemore,Bobbie Berry, all of Anniston. Ester Dyer schoolteacher at Wool Ridge school, and Tessie Jackson Walker.

Submitter: rich Parks (rcparks@usa.net)
Date: 05 Dec 2000

Looking for School information on men from Stoddard county killed in the Korean War.

Submitter: Karin M Perrin marb9198@earthlink.net
Date: 22 Dec 1998

I am looking for the father of William H Allen b-5.19.1856.married Mary Lucinda Bradley b-3.30.1864.children- Hauty, Willie, Dora, Louella, John, Nellie, Dona.also looking for information on John V Coleman B-b-7.1881.thankyou.

Submitter: Cindy Allen-Martinez (c3660@netzero.net)
Date: 23 Jan 2001

Could someone tell me if there is a Beckwith Cemetery in Mississippi County, MO and if so where is it located. Thanks.

Surnames: ANDERSON
Submitter: Troy Everett (comstaff@email.msn.com)
Date: 03 Dec 2000

I am looking for anything on Willy Lee Anderson, born about 1866,who lived there in 1922 and had twin sons Eddie Roosevelt Anderson and Teddy Roosevelt Anderson, born 22 July 1922. Other children were: Clint, M. H., Jimmy, and Claudia. Willy's wife was a full blood Indian named Eddie. I am looking for the parents of Willy and Eddie or any other information you may have on the family. Also I wonder if anyone knows about the connection of the name Lee in the family. It has carried down through the family to the present day. Thanks in advance for any information.

Submitter: Peggy Wurtz Attebery (attebaby@gbasin.net)
Date: 23 Aug 2000
URL: http://pj_fam.homestead.com/hist.html

Would like to find the marriage date for Henry Bert Humphrey and Cora Lee Anderson probably married in Mississippi Co., MO between the years 1910 and 1917.

Submitter: Peggy Wurtz Atteberry (attebaby@xmission.com)
Date: 07 Jun 2001

I am looking for a marriage date for Henry Bert HUMPHREY and Cora Lee ANDERSON possibly married in Charleston, Mississippi Co. MO, around the years 1910 to 1919. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Peggy Wurtz Atteberry

Submitter: Peggy Attebery (attebaby@gbasin.net)
Date: 21 Jan 2000

I am looking for a marriage date for Henry Bert HUMPHREY and Cora Lee ANDERSON possibly married in Charleston, Mississippi Co. MO, around the years 1910 to 1919. Also a birth record of Mary Lee HUMPHREY b. February 24,1916 and Henry HUMPHREY Jr. b. October 13, 1919.  Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

Submitter:Mary Barley
Date:Mon Aug 24 09:11:20 1998

looking for the parents of James Joseph BARLEY (birth 1861) - Camwell Dewill BARLEY (birth 1863) - Amanda BARLEY ANDERSON (1869) They were born in Mississippi County. Any information on the above three names or their offspring's MAE AND WILL RITTER, MYRTLE POWERS, JOSIE GRAY, CLARA COLE, BERT ANDERSON , WILL ANDERSON, CLABE ANDERSON, JAMES WYATT, WILLIAM WYATT, THOMAS WYATT Mary Barley MBH203@AOL.COM

Surnames: ARMER
Submitter: Anita Strawn astrawn@totcon.com
Date: 08 Feb 1999

William Armer

Surnames: ASA
Submitter: Dona Bradley (sbradley@tir.com)
Date: 06 Dec 1998

Seeking information about the ASA family that were living in Mississippi Co, MO in 1900.  Individuals include, James ASA, John Jefferson ASA, Hugh ASA, Hardina A. (Deena) ASA. In the 1900 Census, they were living in St. James twp, City of Whiting. Any information would be appreciated.

Surnames: ASHCRAFT
Submitter:Christene, Ashcraft, Eder

Looking for family name of ASHCRAFT; trying to find Roots.  The family was from East Prairie, Missouri.  4/27/98

Submitter: Wanda McFarland (wanmac@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 07 Nov 1998

Am interested in finding info on Annie Belle Ashley who marriedNewton N. McDarland ca 1883 at Bertrand.  She died 31May1897 and was buried at Charleston cemetery beside her mother per obit.  She left 3 small boys.  Have copies of memorial written by Ms Neva Beasley.She was a Methodist and joined the church at Antioch in 1897.  Unsure where this is exactly.Would like info on her parents anything on Newton if possible.  Would like info on how to contact Charleston Enterprise paper to see if they have copies of paper for year 1897.

Submitter: Karen Kerr (davidk88@texas.net)
Date: 06 Mar 1999

I am looking for info in the Moore/Miller family found on the 1900 Census. Charlotte and Herbert Miller(bro.& sis) were living with Charlotte's husband, George Fitch Moore. The story is that their mother died very young in Mo.,of T.B., and their father returned to Germany, leaving them with relatives.I am looking for their parents. Also one of Charlotte's(Lottie)sons was named Herbert Augustine Moore.There is a Herber L. Augustine burried in East Prarie Memorial Park Cemetery. Any connection to the family? Miller may have been spelled Muehler according to an elderly aunt? George Fitch Moore claimed to have been born in Mo.,but said his parents were from Tennesee. Was his mother's maiden name Fitch? I am trying to find out how to locate his parents. Thanks to anyone with info to help me.--Karen Kerr

Submitter: Julie Todd (christina123@earthlink.net)
Date: 17 Aug 2000

I am researching my grandfather's line, James Bradford Austin. He was a riverman and he married Cleo Christine Caldwell (Bom) Oct 12, 1935 in Thebes, IL. He was born in Charleston, MO, Jan 2 of either 1911 or 1912. His parents were James Austin and Tallie Smith. If anyone has any additional information, it would be appreciated. Thanks

Submitter: Kathy Edwards (Spit45Chat@aol)
Date: 17 Jul 2001

Seeking any/all information re: M. M. Austin who married Sarah Catherine Parker on April 6, 1892 in Mississippi County, Missouri.

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Submitter: Peggy Robbins
DateMarch 19, 2007
Could someone tell me how to get a marriage lookup? Looking for the marriage of Ross Anderson and Harriett/Hattie Robbins/Miller. Would be around 1882 and I believe may have been in Mississippie Co., MO. Thank you to anyone who can help.

Submitter: Keshia Davis
I am looking for relatives from mississippi county with the last name of Andrews, Mckentee

Submitter: Pat ELMORE
DateJune 4, 2007
In the Mississippi County, Missouri "deaths, unofficial" there is: Caroline Ayres Heath Porter who died December 3, 1896. The email address for the person who submitted this is not working. I am interest in Ayres, Porter, Wilcox. Mary (Murphy)Tweedy married each one of these in Miss. County before 1880.
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