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Submitter: Sue Smith (mom1sue@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Jan 2002

Looking for Presson family info. Arrived in Mississippi County around 1850's. Settled near Bertrand. My grandmother was Willie Presson Smith, lifelong resident of Bertrand/Charleston area. Also, any information on any Fairhursts, particularly a Maggie Fairhurst.

Submitter: Sue Smith (mom1sue@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Jan 2002

Looking for Presson family info. Arrived in Mississippi County around 1850's. Settled near Bertrand. My grandmother was Willie Presson Smith, lifelong resident of Bertrand/Charleston area. Also, any information on any Fairhursts, particularly a Maggie Fairhurst.

Submitter: jean cothren
Iam looking for info on my Farmer family.George Washington Farmer b.1855 in Tn.His father was Lewis Farmer b.N.Carolina.Mother was Elizabeth ?

Surnames: FARMER
Submitter: David A. Farmer (DavidFarmer@msn.com)
Date: 08 Mar 1999

Seeking information on Samuel FARMER and the Mississippi County Reg't of the E.M.M. during the Civil War.

Surnames: FARMER
Submitter: Bob Behnen (rjbehnen@kvmo.net)
Date: 04 Jun 2001

David and others: I read your posts in the GenWeb Mississippi Co, MO Queries on the Farmer families. I, too, am researching a Farmer family from that general area and was wondering if we could connect to share information that each of us has gathered. The family I am working on appears to have originated in Graves Co, Kentucky and then settled in Scott Co, MO (specifically, Sandywoods Township) between 1853-1860 and then moved to the surrounding areas thereafter. William Farmer (b. @ 1794) married to Nancy (b. @ 1800 VA) at least three sons (possibly more) I. John (b. @ 1820 KY) married to Irena (b. @ 1821 NC) ch: John W. (b. @ 1843/4 KY) and Emily (b @ 1850 KY) II. Henry R. (b @ 1829 KY) married Augusta (b @ 1830/1) ch: Samuel (1847 KY); Thomas (Sep 1848 KY); James L. (1851 KY); Jeremiah (1853 KY); Sarah (1855 KY); Joseph W. (1862 MO) III Samuel J. (1841 KY) IV Possible other brothers William (1819); James (1833); Nathanial (1835) ??? Nancy Farmer appears later in the 1860 MO census (Sandy Woods Township, Scott Co, MO) with her sons, John, Henry and Samuel having moved there in the 1853-1860 time frame. My line descends from Thomas Farmer whose descendants grew up around Charleston, Mississippi Co but were listed in Sandywoods Twp, Scott Co in the 1900 census. Does this family tie into yours? Or do you know where the Graves Co Farmer families originate from? Thanks for your help - I hope to hear from you. Bob Behnen Kirksville, MO

Submitter: anacre (anacre@msn.com)
Date: 10 Feb 2000

Looking for help with Benjamin Harrison Farmer, Wife Ida Title, married at Charleston, Mississippi Co., MO. Ida died in 1916. Trying to find when Benjamin died, This family is on the 1910 Census of Mississippi Co., MO. Hope to find, relatives of this family, Benjamin is by grandfather.

Submitter: J. R. Farmer (jrfarmer@dynasty.net)
Date: 19 Sep 1999

Looking for info on a family of people named Covert and Farmer who lived in the East Prairie area in the early 1900's.  Ruby Covert married Ashley Farmer over in Clay Co. Arkansas in 1914.  Ruby's parents were William and Louisa Covert.  Ruby I belive had a brother named Otto who had a son named Vernon. Any help in connecting would be appreciated.

Surnames: Ferguson

Submitter: Richard Ferguson
Looking for information on Bryce Ferguson, wife Ellen (3rd) who is thought to have come to Miss. Co. in the 1860s or 70s from Coles Co. IL. He was born abt 1823 maybe in VA. The children of he and Ellen were: Belle, Molly, Rosie, Jim and Dick. His first wife was Mary Heddins and 2nd wife was Sarah Callaway both marriages were in Coles Co. IL. Any lead at all appreciated.

Submitter: Rob Ayres (profman1@juno.com)
Date: 17 Mar 2001

Would like to hear from anyone interested in or having any knowledge or sources relating to the families of FINLEY, LOVE, HEGGIE, or RUSHING of Mississippi County, MO. I have gained some information about some of these folks and have a copy of " A History of Mississippi County Missouri" which has been helpful. Would love to hear from anyone else with a similar interest. Thanks.

Submitter: Buster Fitzpatrick (gonza21@pacbell.net)
Date: 29 Jul 2000

I am requesting information regarding my Grandfather, Voley Fitzpatrick,possibly spelled Volley. He was born in Charlston Missouri on december 11, 1883. I am trying to find out any information on his father George Washington Fitzpatrick, and his mother Elizabeth Woodruff, both born in Missouri, circa 1850-1860. Voley shows up on the 1900 census for Dunklin County, living in Clarkton, Missouri, but with a different Father. Please forward any information you may have to my email address. Thanks, Buster R. Fitzpatrick Salinas, California

Surnames: FLACK
Submitter: Mary Louise Gossum (mlgossum@bellsouth.net)
Date: 10 Sep 2002

I have been told Wiley Madison FLACK (1833-1862)is buried at Wyatt, MO. However, other information shows he was taken prisoner at the battle of Fort Donelson in Tennessee. He was tken to Camp Morton prison at Indianapolis, IN where he died and was buried. Was he moved from Camp Morton and reinterred at Wyatt? If so, why?

Submitter: Mary Sue Anton (Manton8470@aol.com)
Date: 20 Sep 2000

The following are listed in a Mississippi County DeedBook in April 1847 as being "heirs" of John ORDWAY, former sergeant in the Lewis & Clark expedition: Mary TAYLOR, Abigail NORTHENT, Thos. C. FLETCHER & Mary C. FLETCHER, John R. ROBERTS and Mariah ROBERTS of the counties of Scott and Mississippi. ORDWAY lived on a land grant in Twappity Bottoms from 1807 to sometime after the New Madrid Earthquake. His wife, Elizabeth, evidently survived him, applying for lands appropriated for earthquake sufferers. Some say John and Elizabeth had two children, John and Hannah, but I have no source for this. Would like to correspond with persons researching these lines. Thank you very much.

Submitter: Tom (thomasphillips@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 20 May 2001

Hi Mississippi co. MO researchers! am looking for info on Rebecca Fowler. not much data yet except that she was in the area abt. the 1860-1870's? Perhaps in Dogwood. She may have some relation to the Philips/Phillips. Thanks.

Submitter: Chris Wilson
I am looking for information on my gr. grandfather's first wife, Mary Elizabeth Foster, Foster being her married name. I do not know her maiden name. My gr. grandfather's name is James Allen Foster. They were married in the early 1890's and had 3 children before she died in 1894: Richard Elmer Foster (my grandfather)-born in 1892, William Foster- born in 1893, and Beverly-born in 1894 just before Mary died. We know they moved to East Prairie from Clinton, Kentucky, and James and the kids moved to Mill Spring, MO in 1904, after marrying Elsie Dunlap in 1899 in Charleston, MO. I am desperate to know who my real gr. grandma was and where she's buried.

Surnames: FOX
Submitter: Sandra Baither
I am researching several names in Mississippi County, but the FOX name is the only one I can supply information to others on; I need help
myself on the others.  The time frame for this name in Mississippi Co.,I need help myself on the others.  The time frame for this name in Mississippi Co., is 1875-1927, the date my grandfather came to Mississippi Co. and then the date he died.  I can trace this family back to Marshall Co., TN, where they settled ca. 1810-1815 after coming from NC.  I cannot provide any documented proof beyond Marshall Co.,

Submitter: Richard D. Moore (rmoore01@mediaone.net)
Date: 24 Oct 2000

Seeking information on Abraham Frank and Jennie (Beyman) Frank married in 1864. He died in 1875 with six children: Walter, Henry, Adda, Jessie, Elmer and Emma. Walter died at 21, Henry married Ada Garrett, and the girls married a Howlett, Martin and Lee. I am looking for decendants. Thanks, Richard D. Moore

Joe Ann Nanney     I'm seeking burial place of John Nanney believed to be buried in Mississippi Co. Mo. He died 1859.  1st wife unknown, 2nd wife Rosa "Lucy" Jane Fulcher.  Rosa was his wife when he was in Mo.  He was born 1804 Rutherford Co. N. C.  He was a resident of Marshall Co. Ky but hopped back and forth cutting timber.  It is known he died in Mo. and we believe it was in Miss. Co. Mo. Any help greatly appreciated.

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