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Surnames: LANE
Submitter: bonnie (bha6107000@aol.com)
Date: 07 Sep 2001

Harry Lane born in East Prairie, mo

Submitter: Theresa
DateMarch 9, 2004 I'm trying to find my GGgrandfather. With help of another person she sent me this info below. If you have any info or connect to this LANE line please contact me. My GGgrandfather shows on the 1900 census in Cowan Township, Wayne Co,MO. married to Elzora PUGH. Thank You, Theresa ( please read below ) Theresa, Here's a theory for you. I started by checking the 1870 census index for William Lane. Ancestry.com has an excellent index that includes every person living, their age and where they were born. I only found one William Lane who was 12 years old and born in IL. 1870/KY/Fulton/Hickman/p.258 Lane, JJ 56 home carpenter TN Lane, Seantha 48 keeps house TN Lane, Charles 17 at school IL Lane, Richard L 15 at school IL Lane, William T 12 at school IL Lane, Robert F 10 at school IL I went back to IL in 1860 and found the following family: 1860/IL/Schutler/Littleton/p.161 Lane, James J. 46 Merchant IL

Lane, Seantha 39 TN   or Seanath
Lane, James H 15 TN
Lane, Mary A 9 IL
Lane, Charles H 7 IL
Lane, Richard D 5 IL
Lane, William T 2 IL
At first I discounted this family as being the right one because the parents names didn't match but I spent a lot more time trying to find another William and couldn't find one that came close. Then I started searching the 1880 census in MO and began by checking the counties you mentioned - Wayne, Scott and Mississippi. Look what I found in Mississippi County 1880/MO/Mississippi/Long Prairie/p.363a Lane, JJ 65 married farming TN VA VA Lane, Mary 53 married keeping house TN Lane, Charlie 27 single IL Lane, Frank 19 single IL This fits the family from 1860 and 1870. Charles matches and Frank is likely Robert F. Mary looks to me like a second wife. OK, so where's William? There is a William in Long Prairie too: 1880/MO/Mississippi/Long Prarie/p.359a Lane, William T. 22 farming IL TN TN Lane, Gabrilla wife 17 MO TN TN Is this the same guy? I went forward to the 1900 census and found that your William was listed like this: Lane, William H.T. I think it is quite possible that this is your man, but I can't be sure. William's obit and his census records all indicate he had only been married twice, yet he shows up married in 1880. I could not find another good match for him in 1880 in MO, so perhaps he was married for a short time and something happened. It would explain why he wasn't married to Alzora until the age of 33. I found him in the 1920 census and in 1930 married to Rose, both times living in Wayne county and in each census he is called Henry. I suspect it was a nickname. As for Henry's father, he certainly could have been James John Lane, went by J.J. or John. I don't know what to say about his wife - Seantha is an unusual name and one you would think people would remember. BTW, when you mentioned Perryjim my first thought was her name was probably Perryman. There are plenty of those around.

Lankheit, Norbert 

My G/G/G/Grandfather Rudolph Lankheit and family was brought over from Prussia in 1848 by Johann "Heinrich" Lankheit (his son)my G/G Grandfather whom arrived in Mo. in 1847 and settled a place called Texas Bend. He married in Mo. (a women from Cincy where he traveled to get supplies) and moved to Northern Ky. (where I am from ) in 1868 because the land he bought from the Gov. was swampy and had misquito`s which carried malaria killing 4 of the smaller children they had. When in No. Ky. he settled in Bromley and the fieldstone house is still standing (registered in the state Historical Society). Any information from the Lankheit name would be greatly appreciated. Norbert C Lankheit 3119 Allenfork Dr. Burlington Ky. 41005


Submitter: Sue
I am looking for any information pertaining to the surname LASTER that was from Mississippi County, MO. The LASTER family came from Kentucky. Specifically any thing relating to Carmon Laster, Myrtle Riley, Edlon Frank Riley, Effie O'conner, Herman Laster, Raymond Laster, Argie Laster.

Surnames: LAY, LEWIS
Submitter: KAY (kaylay55@aol.com)
Date: 26 Jul 1999

I am seeking info on JACK LAY & MARY NELL LEWIS LAY who lived in East Prairie and owned a farm.  They had 8 children.  They were my grandparents.  Looking for names of Jack's parents.  THANX

Submitter: Lois Carmack (sonnieandlois@ldd.net)
Date: 22 Jun 2000

I am researching the LAYTON family. A relative of mine was shot on the street of Charleston in the 30's. She was shot by the wife of the man she was with coming out of a motel/hotel. The relative was Rosie LAYTON Rommel or Rummel. I appreciate any information that anyone would know on this person. Like if she had any descendants or any other pertinant information. Regards, Lois in MO

Submitter: Betty Sewell (bettysewell@clas.net)
Date: 28 May 2001

I'm trying to find the parent's of Elizabeth Harriet Lee born March 10, 1863 who married James Bailey Kennedy on Aug. 28, 1889 in Cairo, Ill. They were from Mississippi County and lived in the Wolf Island area after they were married.

Surnames: LEE
Submitter: G.Mathis (gay@apex.net)
Date: 14 Nov 1999

Would like any information on the family of Acy L. Lee. This family ended up in Charleston, Mississippi Co, Mo in 1860.  These are the members of the family from an 1850 census in Rutherford Co, TN. Acy L. Lee,  Elizabeth (wife), chlidren:   Sarah J, Thomas J., James R., Amanda, John J., Wm B., Mary A. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Surnames: LEE, KENNEDY
Submitter: Betty Sewell (bettysewell@clas.net)
Date: 28 May 2001

I'm trying to find the parent's of Elizabeth Harriet Lee born March 10, 1863 who married James Bailey Kennedy on Aug. 28, 1889 in Cairo, Ill. They were from Mississippi County and lived in the Wolf Island area after they were married.

Submitter:Darla Myler
Date:Sat Aug 22 07:09:54 1998

{Would anyone have knowledge and information of this family? 1860 Census..Long Prarie Township..Mississippi Co. Missouri Ambrose Lett 44 Farmer b. Tenn Milly J. 39 b. N.C. Mary Jane 18 b. Tenn John Lett 17 b. Tenn Catherine L. 15 b. Tenn William 12 b. Mo Louisa 10 b. Mo Lucinda 4 b. Mo Matthrew H. 2 b. Mo Mary E. Lett 70 b. Penn Any information would be greatly appreciated regarding this family Thank You,Would anyone have knowledge or information on this family? 1860 Census..Long Prarie Township..Mississippi Co. Missouri George Weicker 25 Farmer b. ? Germany Mary Jane 18 b. Tenn Francis E. 6/12 b. Mo Mary Jane was the daughter of Ambrose and Milly J. Lett of Mississippi Co. Francis E. may be buried somewhere in Mississippi Co. Any information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated Thank You}

Submitter:Darla Myler

Looking for information or descentands of the families of LETT and WEICKER.They are listed as residents of Long Prarie Township in 1850 Ambrose LETT and wife Millie had the following children (1.) Mary Jane (2.) John (3.) Catherine (4.) William (5.) Louisa (6.) Lucinda (7.) Martha (8.) Matthrew  Mary Jane md. George O. WEICKER 1-6-1859 in Mississippi County. They had the following children (1.) Francis E. (2.) Ambrose (3.) Millie (4.) Robert (5.) Mollie George and Mary later moved to ST. Charles Missouri and than settled in Carroll County Missouri near Bosworth Missouri where they are buried.
Thank You Darla Myler, 777 West Morrow #3, Marshall Missouri 65340, EMAIL......annie@dido.com

Submitter: Sally Gorman (SALear581@aol.com)
Date: 01 Feb 2001

I also am looking for information on John R. LEWIS He and his brother William, were born to William and Sarah (Garrett) LEWIS in IL, County unknown. William and Sarah were married in Perry County, MO, 29 Feb 1844. I don't know if they lived in Perry County or just went there to get married. John R. was born in 1851, and William in 1849, in IL. In Jan, 1874 John was in Charleston, MO, Mississipoi County, when his son Theodore Edward LEWIS was born. Theodore has a sister, Mary Jane LEWIS, birth date unknown, she is my grandmother. Mary Jane married Elea Thomas LEAR, 28 June 1894, in Wayne County, MO. My father Ernest Edward LEAR was born 13 May 1895. Who is the mother of Mary Jane and Theodore? Did William and Sarah have other children? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Sally LEAR Gorman, St. Louis County, MO

Submitter:Sandra Baither;

I am looking for information on the families of my great-grandparents, John R. Lewis and Almedia Thomas.  John was born on 1 Dec 1854 in NC and died on 10 Mar 1925 in East Prairie, MO.  He was married to Almedia Thomas on 13 Apr 1879 in Mississippi Co., MO.  Almedia was born in May 1862, state unknown.  She was still living in Oct. of 1932.  Their children, as listed in the 1900 census were: Charles, b. Aug 1883; Walter, b. Apr 1886; Stephen (my grandfather), b. Apr 15, 1888, d. 13 Oct 1932; Wallace, b. Apr 1890; Alex T., b. Feb 1893.  Does anyone know who the parents of John Lewis and Almedia Thomas were?

Submitter: Nicole Barrish (nbarrish@ivillage.com)
Date: 21 May 2002

I am looking for Francis Lindsey Long b. Feb. 14, 1912. He married Florence Gwendolyn Pearcy. Francis's parents were Francis & Inez Long. Inez's maiden name was Davis. She first married Jacob Smoot, then Francis Long, & then Charles W. Harr. She had 9 children with Jacob & 2 with Francis & 0 with Charles. I need any information on the Long family. They are our direct ancestors. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Nicole

Surnames: LONG
Submitter: Gary Pearcy (gpearcy@vvm.com)
Date: 08 May 2002

Looking for Francis Lindsay Long, b. 14 Feb 1912 in East Prairie, m. Florence Gwendolyn Pearcy 3 Aug 1935. Trying to find info on his parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Janis Pahnke (janis222@core.com)
Date: 03 Aug 2001

I am trying to find Marcella (Sonnanstine) Snapp-Long who married John G. Long as her 2nd husband, and I believe she died, and is buried in Mississippi County, MO. John G. Long died ca 1868, and she died before that. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Submitter: Imogene Smoot Davidson (JSmootD@aol.com)
Date: 14 Mar 1999

Need info on John G. Long, liv Miss. co, Mo 1850.Need parents, name of 1st wife, mo of older ch. He came to Mo from Indiana. Da Mary Long M Ira Merrill abt. 1847, in Miss Co. Need death date of John G. Thanks for any help.

Submitter: Imogene Smoot Davidson (JSmootD@aol.com)
Date: 15 Mar 1999

Need parents of Francis (Frank) LONG, who m. Mary A. Smoot (aka Inez)widow of Jacob Barton SMOOT, abt. 1907-08. liv near East Prairie Miss Co., Mo. he is bur in Smoot plot at Dogwood Cem. Was Nancy E. HARR, SMOOT, LONG, his mother, or related? She was married to a James LONG in Perry Co, MO, abt 1870. She is my grt grnmother. Mother of Jacob Barton SMOOT. Nancy's parents were Sanford HARR & Rebecca EASTES/ESTES. Alos need info on them.

Submitter: Barbara Kuntz (flipflap2@aol.com)
Date: 10 Sep 1999

James M. Myers married Ora Lee Williams in the year 1892 on September 12. Had eight children, Laurance, Lucille, Flarance, Barney, Edgar, James, Geneva, Harry. Mr. Myers was supposed to of had been Postmaster in the early 1890's in East Prairie,Mo. Looking for any brothers or sisters of Mr.And Mrs. Myers, or their mother and father. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you, Barbara Kuntz

Submitter: Sandy (smcmunn@midwest.net)
Date: 19 Oct 1998

I am searching for the death date of my Great Uncle.  His name is George Edgar Lowry and I am told he died in Wyatt, Missouri in 1956. He was born July 15, 1880.   Where are the Mississippi County Death Records located?  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Sandy (smcmunn@midwest.net)
Date: 26 Sep 1998
1. Does anyone know if there is a cemetery book for Anniston Cemetery, Anniston, Missouri? 2. I am looking for any information regarding my Great Uncle, George E. Lowry. etc. Date of Birth - July 15, 1880, in Johnson Co. Illinois., Date of Death??? 3. His spouse was Essie M. Miners 4. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames:Lybarger, Lyberger, Lybyer,
SubmitterJohn Lybarger

I am seeking information from any descendantof Lybarger, Lyberger, Lybyer, or any ather spelling variation.I am producing a book which will list known descendants of twelve generations. My current database has 2783 different surnames and over 12000 persons of which over 6700 are Lybarger descendants. My web page is at http://www.richnet.net/~jllyb/

Submitter: a lupkey (alupkey@conwaycorp.net)
Date: 05 Jun 1999

I am searching for any link to the portlock name.


Submitter: tom
I am loking for information on the date, site of death and any other information on Benjamin L. G. Lunn Born 1818 in TN. I believed Benjamin L.G. lived in Mississippi County at the end of his life--

Submitter: Virginia Hood (jennie@ipa.net)
Date: 19 Sep 2002

Am searching for info on the John F LYNN family in Miss Co. In particular his son Stephen D. and his dau. Addie A. Lynn who m. Radford E Stanley Nov 1844

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