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D. Dalton Mon Oct  6 17:13:15 1997 I am searching for the birth and death records of my uncle.  Henry J

Dalton b. abt 1902 Poplar Bluff,d  abt 1902 Poplar Bluff.  I will be grateful for any info on this baby.
It may help me locate info on my grandfather Jesse B. Dalton.

Submitter: Kevin Daniel (kevin@kevindaniel.com)
Date: 15 Jan 2000

DANIEL - MARTIN: Solomon DANIEL came to Mississippi County, MO after 1840, in the company of his Uncle and Aunt, Uriah and Senna (DANIEL) MARTIN, from Pulaski and Alexander Counties, IL. I would like to contact others researching these families. I can trace several generations further back on the DANIEL line and have a couple of thousand DANIELS from this line in my database.

Surnames: DAVIDSON
Submitter: Aldon V. Thompson (althomp@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 26 Oct 1998

Seeking info about Mark and Cora Davidson and family. Mark died Sept. 15, 1909 and Cora bought a farm in early 1910. In 1910 census, Cora is shown as head of household in Long Prairie Township, with 6 children.Daughter, Vida, who was ten (10) years old recalled before her death going to Dogwood School and riding a horse to Bertrand. Particulaly, would like to know where Mark is buried and where the farm was Cora bought in 1910. Too, believe Cora's brother John lived north of Charlson.


Submitter: Tess Davidson Malta
DateJune 02, 2005
Looking for any information on Rev. Thomas J. Davidson and his wife Matilda. They lived in James Bayou Township from about 1836 to about 1845. Their oldest son, of the same name was born here on January 02, 1838. Thomas Davidson was a Methodist Episcopal minister. His brothers, who also became ministers, came to live with him in the early 1840's, as did his sister, Julia Ann. In 1842, Julia married Rev. John Henry Wade, who became a well known minister in Yellville, Arkansas. Around 1846 the family moved to Wayne County, Mo. Thomas stayed in this area until his death around 1869, but his brothers moveed south into Dunklin County. Any info. on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tess Davidson Malta

Submitter: shelda
change of address: my current e-mail address is skempto2adelphia.net. Please use instead of my former skempto2somerton.k12.az.us

Surnames: DAVIS
Submitter: Gary Trammell (zeejays@as.net)
Date: 12 Oct 1999
URL: www.as.net

Looking for L.M. Davis and wife Sophronia

Virginia Davis Young - DAVIS/GRISSOM/HALL
Looking for any information about my grandfather, Elgin Charles Davis - born July 19, 1884 in Hopkinsville, Ky, died April
5, 1956 in East Prairie, MO and my grandmother, Henrietta Grissom, born July 13, 1885 in Bertrand MO, died July 17, 1957in East Prairie,  MO. Grandmother Davis was thedaughter of Emsley Grissom and Ida Bell Hall.

Maybelanna Lee - DAVIS , LEE
My family lived in Miss. Co. from 1845 .til most moved away after 1950.My mother who lives with me was born in 1909 .She has a good memory and could answer Questions about life there in the early 1900's.Her great grandfather Tandy J Davis purchased 160 acres in Miss. Co. in 1845 He spent that year building a log cabin and then returned to KY to get his family.In march of 1846 he had a flat boat built and floated ,with his family down the Salt river to the Ohio river then across the Mississippi to Birds Point where he sold the boat and took his family to their new home near Fish Lake. In 1846 James Lee the other side of my family, made the same trip but ended up at Wolf Island.  I can give you the family history.Other names we are kin to include Sterett, Hawkins, Slack, Drinkwater, Rhodes,Clevedence, Howlett, Barrett, Huff and others.  If anyone is interestd, let me know. 4/18/98

Virginia Davis Young      I am putting together our tree and am trying to pull together more about my father, Jackson Davis, son of Elgin C. Davis.  Born in East Prairie, Dad was a member of the Missouri House of Representatives (1935-40), farmer, banker, died in Washington, DC and buried in Sikeston, MO by Nunnelee (then Jackson) Funeral Chapel in 1964.  What can you tell me from your available records about he and/or his dad?  If more convenience, my fax number is 703-532-2533. Many thanks!!

I am searching for ANY info on: John Dearlove-b. 1873, probably in Madison County, MO, married twice, first wife unknown, but had son John b. 1902, by her. His second wife was MAUD CAVE, b. 1884. They lived in Wolfe Island. They had 8 children, she died in 1919, and he died in 1921. ANY info on Dearlove's would be appreciated.
Thank You
Sharon Foley
Sept. 02, 1998

Surnames: DEFIELD
Submitter: Joan Wallace (ees@bluemoon.net)
Date: 07 Feb 2002

I am trying to locate a folder of information which contains the world War II remembrances of Edward Clyde DeField, native of Charleston, Mississippi County, MO. An extract of his 33-page memoir is on the web with the notation that the folder #R681 is at the Historical Museum of Missippi County. Can anyone give me the address for the Historical Museum or tell me how to locate this infomation? My father also served in the 397th Antiaircraft Battalion and I am most interested in reading about it. Thanks, Joan Wallace

Ronnie L. DePriest Fri Feb 14 05:17:02 1997
DEPRIEST I am searching for my father, Nimrod DePriest, who was born 12-23-1900 in West Plains,(Howell) Mo. His father's name was Lloyd C. DePriest and his mother was Sarah Jane (House) DePriest.

Submitter: Gary Joseph DEPRO (pookyD98@AOL.com)
Date: 23 Jan 1999

Robert  D.  DEPROW:   married  to  Sarah  WOODS  1857,  New Madrid  MO.    Need   childrens  names,  and parents  names.

Surnames:Duvall,Thurman,Hedger ,Hedger
Submitter: Sandy Clark
DateAugust 20, 2004 Looking for Duvall, Hedger, Thurman, and Crider in and around Sikeston, East Prairie, Benton, and Charleston areas in Missouri. Would like any kind of information. Thanks, Sandy

Submitter: Donna Block (dblock1846@aol.com)
Date: 03 Jan 1999

I am searching for info on Dickerson and Hardy families in Mississippi Co.  Clinton Dickerson married Ida May Hardy on December 25, 1882 in Whiting, MO.  Ida was from Union Co., KY.  Have no info on Clinton.  Ida's father, Marion, was in Miss. Co., census living with a cousin whose last name was Chapman and Marion was a widower.  Clinton and Ida had four children, Kate (Catherine) who died in childbirth, Gene, Willie and Ordie Ward Dickerson.  Ordie was my grandfather and was an orphan by age 9.  Ordie was the only sibling who had children.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

"Margaret A. Beck" I would like to correspond with anyone searching the families of Robert B. Dickerson and his wife, Sarah Crosthwait Dickerson. Robert was buried somewhere in Wolf Island Township about Sept. 1850. I don't know where Sarah is buried. They had the following children: Tazwell H. Dickerson, Thomas Wilson Dickerson, John Waller Dickerson, Mary Dickerson (married Wm S. Dooms), Minerva Frances Dickerson (married Silas B. Parker), Pamelia Dickerson (married William D. Kelly), Rachel Dickerson (married George Strickland and Robert U. Kimball) and Clinton Dickerson. Robert & Sarah Dickerson came to Mississippi/Scott Co. MO before 1840 from Obion Co. TN. Sincerely,

Submitter: Patti Carpenter (bennettj@carol.net)
Date: 12 Jan 2000

I am looking for Joseph A. Dillender and three sons and a daughter who died on the trip from Tennessee to Jasper, Missouri from "swamp Feber" about 1841. Joseph's wife Rebecca continued the trip with their remaining children. I wonder if there are any records of these deaths or possible cemetary listings or obituaried for 1841-1842? Any help would be appreciated!!

Surnames: DIVINNY
Submitter: Victoria (VEW213@aol.com)
Date: 26 Feb 2002

I am trying to find the probate records for John Divinny of Mississippi Co., MO. He died in 1876. Is there anyway to get a copy of them?

Surnames: DIVINNY
Submitter: Judy (djbs@redwoods.quik.com)
Date: 23 Feb 2000

I'am searching AARON H.( ALFRED ) DIVINNY who died after Feb. 1875 in Mississippi Co, Mo...Other names JAMES B. DIVINNY, HUSTON DIVINNY...would be glad to share info...        THANK YOU  JUDY         djbs@redwoods.quik.com           

Submitter: Doras Trussell (trussell@mcmsys.com)
Date: 27 Dec 1999

I am looking for ancestors of my grandmother and grandfather.  I believe my grandmother, Lela Frances Dixon was born in East Prairie abt 1901 and was married to Jennings Bryan Byrd.  Her Parents were Laura Mayo and Andrew Dixon.  Jenning's parents were Sarah Evans and Andrew Byrd.  There are still some relatives living in the Charleston area, but they have not been much help with my research.  Any information would be appreciated.  Something that might ring a bell for some is my grandmother had a sister named Ruth Dixon who married Roma Turner who was an electrician? in or around Charleston.  Again, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Burt Dodson
Date: October 13, 2004
Am searching for the burial site of Saddie (Sarah) Dodson. Last census 1910 as servant of William C. Combs family in St. James Township. Married with neighbor Floyd Sanders on Sept 15, 1910 in Methodist Episcopal Church, South and recorded in New Madrid Courthouse
Surnames:DORSETT, Sanuel Newton Dorsett ,Elta Johnson Dorsett,,

Submitter: Venus Randolph
DateJuly 10,2005
I am trying to find the date of marriage of my maternal grandparents. I know they were married in Sikeston, Missouri some where around 1894. My mothers oldest sister was born in 1896, so guessed they were married sometime a couple of years before.Samuel

Surnames: DUFFELL
Submitter: Joanne Moore (jmoore@pahrump.com)
Date: 03 Oct 2000

I am looking for a Charleston Funeral & Company which was in existance in 1934. Have a death certificate which states this funeral home handled the funeral arrangements for Joseph G. Duffell, who died March 26, 1934. Does anyone know of the existance of the funeral home, and if not in existance now, the where abouts of it's records? Would appreciate any help.

Submitter: Bill Huntington (billh@surnames.com)
Date: 30 Nov 1998

Dukes James Carroll Born Miss or Scott Cty 1843 Died 16 April 1869 at Wolf Island Mo. Father Benjamin Malone Dukes Mother Rebecca Zilafro Sister Hannah Dukes

Willard Huntington  Researching   James Carroll Dukes. Born  Mississippi County 1843. Died  Wolf Island  16 April 1869,  Married 16 May 1865  at Poplar Bluff Mo. To Sidney A. Mills. Father Benjamin Malone DUKES Mother  Rebecca Zilafro (Delafro)

Willard Huntington: Researching  Margaret Rebecca DUKES Born  Charleston Mo  1862    Married to Henry Addison Nance Five Children: Hallie Mable, Charles, Myrtle Carolyn, Bennie, Edward. Father  Benjamin Malone DUKES Mother  Margaret Ayers  DUKES  Died 7 oct 1899 in Poplar Bluff Mo Buried   Corning (Clay) Ark

Submitter: Bill Huntington (billh@surnames.com)
Date: 19 May 1999

Researching Margaret Rebecca DUKES Born Charleston Mo 1862 Married to Henry Addison Nance Five Children: Hallie Mable, Charles, Myrtle Carolyn, Bennie, Edward. Father Benjamin Malone DUKES Mother Margaret Ayers DUKES Died 7 oct 1899 in Poplar Bluff Mo Buried Corning (Clay) Ark

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