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Image of school photo 3rd Grade 1931- 1932
The attached  is  the  Third  Grade  from
Anniston School, year about 1931-1932. I only
know of two of the kids.  My  father,  George
Milton White is third from right on the front
row, and I believe the  fifth  one  from  the
right on the first row is his brother, Marion
Samuel White. Maybe some  other  people  that
look at this picture can figure out  who  the
rest of them are.
Submitted by: Jackie Leonard
Image of school photo 5th and 6th Grade 1933- 1934
This is the 5th and 6th grades from  Anniston
School, years 1933-1934. Dad listed the names
on the back of the picture, hope I  get  them
all correct.
Duard Lee Pruitt              Marion White
Arson Stephenson              Sue Adams
Willis Beher                  Mary Bell Kidd
Willie D. Blackwell           N????? White
Ray Garner                    ??????? Jenkins
Billy D. Bird                 Julia Chandler(?)
J.L. Easter                   Marvin Chandler
Virginia Hulton               Harold Tober
George White                  L.C. Leneult(?)
Charles "Bud" Culhane         Frank "Buck" Helton
Ray Melton                    Helen Eustis(?)
Ben Chambers                  Belma Jackson
Ruth Arfla(?)                 Howard Tape
Marjorie McCu???              Mildred Hutton
Matilda Argy?????             Marie Levett(?)
Mary Helen Walters            George Meadows
Herschel B. Hunter            Maggie(Tucker)Vaughn
To give you an idea of what  name  goes  with
what person, my father, George White  is  the
second from left, second row from the bottom.
His brother, Marion White, is the second from
left, third row from the bottom.
Submitted by: Jackie Leonard

Image of Mrs. Goodwin 3rd & 4th grade class Anniston 1936
Hilda Gardner second from left on bottom
Submitted by: Ecorrick44@wmconnect.com

Image of 1939 7th grade class Anniston
Hilda Gardner first girl on left
Submitted by: Ecorrick44@wmconnect.com

TOP ROW Norman Faucett, Coach Ben Chambers Allen Blackwell Joe Cooper J.C. Montgomery Cline Ownesby Goerge White Junior Welborn Alvin Koerber, Superintendent BOTTOM ROW Raymond Powers Marion White Howard Gray Arsan Stephenson Dee Blackwell Carl Ownesby Ray Melton ALLEN BLACKWELL: Freshman, Guard, One year. DEE BLACKWELL: Junion, Center, Forward or Guard, Three years, Two letters BEN CHAMBERS: Junior, Forward, Three years JOE COOPER: Sophomore, Guard, Two years HOWARD GRAY: Senior, Forward or Center, Four years, One letter. Selected for All-Star team at Vanduser Tournament. RAY MELTON: Junior, Guard, Three years, Two letters. J.C. MONTGOMERY: Sophomore, Forward, Two years. CARL OWNESBY: Sophomore, Guard, One year. CLINE OWNESBY: Sophomore, Guard, Two years. RAYMOND POWERS: Freshman, Guard, One year. ARSAN STEPHENSON: Senior, Captain, Forward or Center, Four years, Two letters, Selected for All-Star team at Vanduser Tournament. JUNIOR WELBORN: Freshman, Forward, Three years. GEORGE WHITE: Junior, Forward, Three years. MARION WHITE: Junior, Guard, Three years, Two letters.

Image of 1939-40 Basketball team

Submitted by: Jackie Leonard

Image of 1941 Graduating Class
Graduating  class  of  Anniston  School  from
1941. The graduating seniors were:
Sue Elizabeth Adams      Pearly Virginia Hatton
Reece B. Black           Gladys Manley
Willie Dee Blackwell     William Ray Melton
Ben Chambers             Enoch Reeves
Julia Frances Chandler   Judith Ann Stark 
Pearl Louise Dillon      Bernita Walters
Ellouise Garwood         George Milton White
Thelma Harvell           Marion Samuel White
Wess Harvell
Top row, left to right - First - George Milton White
2nd row, left to right, 4th Marion Samuel White
3rd row, left to right, 7th William Ray Melton
Those are the only  three  that  I  know  for
sure. The rest, maybe someone  else  can  put
the right names to the right faces.

The gentleman in the suit and tie, I believe,
is Mr. L. E. Gilmore.
Submitted by: Jackie Leonard

List of Eighth Grade Graduates  1941 Charleston Missouri 

Betty Arnold, Earline Arnold, Paula Gay Bess, Allan Brock, Betty Sue Brown, James Bruce, 
John Burke, C. B.Carver, Betty Cooper, Mary Lela Crenshaw, Betty Cutliph, Wilson DePriest, 
Evelyn Edwards, Patricia Erwin, Irlene Farley, Billy Finley, Anna Lou Forbey, Ruby Forrester, 
Jerry Finley, Marcella Hollis, Howard Hopkins, Carl Hough, Evelyn Howell, Earl Jackson, 
Billy Jarrett, Paul Jones, Lex Kilgore, Ralph Lingle, Lois Ann Maynard, Aubrey Presson, 
Donald Roberts, Daune Sams, George Shelby, Mildred Simmons, Ellouise Sprague, 
William Stallings, Harry Whipple, Glen Witt. 

Submitted by: Ecorrick44@wmconnect.com

Certificate 8th grade graduation Winford D. Sams

Submitted by: Ecorrick44@wmconnect.com

Image of Class Roll for EAST PRAIRIE School Class of 1944

GROUP IMAGE abt 1911 that the school is not identified but should be from East Prairie.
submitted by: Stephen Newell

Photo Eugene Fields Charlston School
Photo Eugene Fields Charlston School
Photo Eugene Fields 4th Grade 1938 School
Photo Eugene Fields 5th Grade School
Photo Eugene Fields 8th Grade 1938 School

Photo Football Team, believe, but cannot verify, that it is Charleston
Contributed by Mark Frazier

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