A  newspaper  article  from  1900  about  the
murder of Lesa Kirksey's gggrandmother. There
was also an  inquest  that  posts  a  lot  of
interesting information.

Newspaper article:

1900Unknown Mississippi County,
Missouri newspaper

(Note: East Praire did now have a newspaper at the time of the shooting. There was a newspaper in Charleston, MO but 1898 and 1899 are missing.

"This article was received from Andrew Hinshaw who received it from his aunt, Lela Hinshaw, wife of Oscar Hinshaw"


Whiskey and pure 'cussedness' and the criminially careless use of pistolsv was the cause of two deaths in the county Saturday night, and by it another blot was placed on the pages of Mississippi county's history, confirming in a measure the reputation which this county has acquired through a series of murders in the past years.

At a little sawmill town of Whiting, where a regular Saturday night fandango takes place, several bucks from East Prairie had attended, and as they were leaving the tow, spurred their horses through the streets, gave out wild war-whoops and fired their revolvers in approved border ruffian style.

Among the inhabitants startled from their sleep by the unearthly noise at this late hour was Widow Henshaw. She raised in her bed, which stood by the window, and pulled aside the curtain to look out. As she did so the movement was stayed by a bullet from the pistol of a man in the party by the name of Lewis. The ball struck her in the temple and she sank back lifeless. An inquest was held at East Prarie yester and the jury's verdict was that Mrs. Henshaw came to her death by a shot fired by Lewis "accidentally". Whether it was meant that the man discharged his weapon accidentally or that the shot accidentally struck the woman, was not specified. Inquest obtained by Faye McConnell of Sikeston, MO

January 24, 1900

Fees of inquest over the body of Mrs. Mary V. Hinshaw held at Whitening, Mississippi County, Missouri, on the 12th day of November 1899 Frank S. Vernon, Coroner

Viewing the body$5.00
Warrant for jury$ .75
Swearing jury to subpeonas$1.00
Going from residence to view
body and returning 24 miles .08$1.92
C.M. Hayden, Constable
Sum July $1.00, Sum 16 Wit $4.00
Mileage 31 miles $5.30

-Jury- Henry Walters 1.00 John Reeder 1.00$2.00
L.A. Miller 1.00 ? Edwards 1.00$2.00
Wm. Smith 1.00 R. L. Conyers 1.00$2.00
I, Frank S. Vernon, Coronor, in the above inquest do certify that the forgoing is a true statement of all the cost and expenses of the said inquest and I do certify that the said Mary V. Hinshaw came to her death as a result of a pistolshot, that supposed to have been fired by Cland Lewis and that the killing was done accidentally on November 11, 1899, at Whitening, MO, Mississippi Co. Frank S. Vernon, Coronor SUBMITTED BY:Signed,,,Lesa Kirksey

Another Murder story that occurred at Dorena,
Mo. This is in the lower part of the  county,
in Section  23..my  Mother's  family  settled
there in 1838

 This story is about  the  murder  of  a  well
 known man  who  lived  in  Dorena..he  was  a
 surveyor and had  been  commissioned  by  the
 State to survey section 23 I think it was twp
 17..he did that, settled down  there,  was  a
 Justice of the Peace and  county  judge.  His
 name was Haly W. Molder and he, according  to
 the census, was born in Georgia but  came  to
 our area, to do this survey.     

Submitted by: LaWanda Douglas member of Mississippi County Historical Museum in East Prairie permission from Liz Anderson ANOTHER MURDER - Judge Haly W. Molder Last evening the 4th inst just before sundown, nine men rode up to the residence of Judge Haly W. Molder, living in the James Bayou Township, and seeing him in the yard, ordered him to surrender, as they did not wish to hurt him, he being an old man. All they wanted was his money and his weapons. He swore he would not surrender, and then hauled out a pistol and shot at them 3 times. Seven of the party immediately shot back, riddling him with 27 balls and his right arm being shot to pieces. They then entered the house and searched every room, found 2 double and 1 single barrel shot gun and 3 Colts revolvers. They also took some money but how much we cannot tell. His papers were torn and scattered all over the place. Before leaving they exacted an oath from George Adams and B. A. Beadles, who were working there, not todivulge any of their names for if they did some of the party would kill them for sure. On their way below they stopped at old Beadles, and told him to go and help bury Molder for they had killed him. At the next place John Claycome lives,where they also stopped helping themselves to all his clothes and about $30. in money. . This story was taken from the Charleston Courier, a newspaper published in Mississippi County, Missouri, issue of Friday March 4, 1864. A coroners jury was empaneled and the findings of that follows, as copied from old records of Mississippi County, Missouri. We, the jury, having been duly sworn and affirmed by J. M. Ayres, Justice of the Peace of James Bayou Township , Mississippi County, Missouri, diligentlyto enquire and to presentment and in what manner and by whom H. W.Molder whole dead body was found on the 3 day of March 1864 came to his death . After hearing the evidence and upon the inquiry covering the facts and a careful examination of the dead body do find that the deceased came tohis death by violence and the said body has upon it twenty seven bullets went into body and two came out , and inflicted on his person by persons unknown to the jury and which this jury finds to have been the cause of his death. He was killed in his own yard. Given under my hand and seal J. M. Ayres, Justice of the Peace Signature of jurors: A.B. Franks, G. W. Beadles, J. T. Polsgrove, John L. Shultz, Eliot Lowery, A. R. Russell (some of the names and words were difficult to make out and errors in spelling may have been made in the copying of this document. Copied from the originals by La Wanda Douglas, East Prairie, Mo.. Haly Molder's will was admitted to probate May 11, 1864 and Sherrod W. Doss appeared, acknowledging he witnessed the will. It was also witnessed by Edward A. Pierce. Original will was dated 27 March 1857. He left a wife and one son, Marcus Brutus Molder. Given name of wife not contained in the will, only "my beloved wife"

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