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Map Showing Mississippi County Townships


Organized February 14, 1845, from Scott County and named for the Mississippi River. County seat: Charleston, 63834.

Mississippi is derived from the Algonquin Indian words: missi meaning 'great' and seepee meaning 'water'.

Courthouse burned in 1891 and again on February 10, 1997.

Recorder of Deeds: Index to Deeds, 1823-1904; Deeds, 1823-1905;

Marriages, 1845-1951; School Land Sales, 1846-1865; Swampland

Patents and Records, 1914; Military Discharge Records, 1918-1994.

Clerk of the County Court: County Court Records and Index, 1867-

1992; Board of Equalization, 1894-1992; Conveyance of Right of

Way, 1929-1934; County Court Minutes, 1845-1981; Ditch Record

Books and Indexes, 1899-1923; Notary Commission and Bond Record,

1953-1988; Physicians and Surgeons Filings, 1874-1896; Post

Office (Instructions and Forms Handbook), 1832; Record of Bonds

and Commissions, 1894-1918; Record of Dentist Certificates, 1897-

1959; Record of Land Sales (Tax Sales, Trustee), 1935-1971, 1940-

1954; Record of Osteopathy Diplomas, 1898-1919; Record of

Pharmacists Certificates, 1900-1917; Register of School bonds,

1900-1912; Road Contracts and Specifications, 1930; Road Records,

1887-1919; State Board of Health Certificates, 1899-1966;
Swampland Patents, 1857-1914.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Circuit Court Index, 1845-1926;

Circuit Court Records, 1845-1951; Circuit Court Case Files and

Index, 1847-1880.

Clerk of the Probate Court: Probate Index, (no dates); Probate

Record Index, 1845-1872; Probate Records, 1845-1985; Abstract of

Allowances, 1926-1963; Bonds and Letters, 1945-1970; Claims,

1846-1870; Claims Docket, 1893-1919; Executions, 1856-1857, 1872-

1899; Guardians and Curators, 1887-1935; Inheritance Tax, 1921-

1924; Inventories and Appraisements, 1859-1970; Mentally Ill

Records, 1955-1976; Motion Docket, 1894-1902; Notices, 1867-1871;

Orders of Publication, 1893-1956; Probate Estate Files and Index,

1848-1977; Probate Fee Book, 1952-1954; Probate Judge Docket,

1956-1978; Probate Minutes, 1877-1988; Probate Register, 1956-

1988; Settlements, 1847-1970; Wills, 1852-1970.

County Assessor: Erroneous Assessment Records, 1945-1983. County Coroner: Coroner Inquest Files, 1872-1993.

County Superintendent of Schools: Miscellaneous School

Districts, 1897; School Enumerations, 1923-1962; Grade Book

Examinations, 1901-1909.

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