Mississippi Co Union Veterans and Widows



Contributed by: Glen A. Sedrick [gsedrick@semo.net]


Mississippi Co Union Veterans & Widows


Last Name First Name Township

Ackley John W. Mississippi

Adams Samuel A. Long Praire

Adams Zachery T. Tywappity

Adkins Mary Wolf Island

Arner Annie Mississippi

Ashcraft Delphia A. Tywappity

Austin Jane Mississippi

Bankston George James Bayd

Barlow Charles Tywappity

Bartlett Stanley Tywappity

Barton Patsy Mississippi

Bates John D. Mississippi

Bearnet John Birds Point

Beckwith Alex Tywappity

Beckwith Goliah Mississippi

Benj Samuel E. St. James

Besheares George Mississippi

Besheares Mary Mississippi

Bibb James B. Birds Point

Black Robert Birds Point

Boid Walter A. St. James

Boils Marian Birds Point

Bolandingham Charles Birds Point

Bolin John H. Tywappity

Bond John W. Tywappity

Bowden Jerry Mississippi

Bowlin Katie Birds Point

Bowlin Samuel Birds Point

Boyd Waid Tywappity

Bradley Elijah F. St. James

Bradley Frank M. St. James

Brassee John W. James Bayd

Brauham Hiram James Bayd

Braxton Thomas Birds Point

Brodhacker John Long Prarie

Brodhacker Lewis Long Prarie

Brown Elizabeth Wolf Island

Brown George W. Tywappity

Brown Jerry Tywappity

Buckman David F. Long Prarie

Buckner David P. Tywappity

Bullock George Mississippi

Bumpus Henry Mississippi

Burlingame Edward P. Mississippi

Burlingame George M. Mississippi

Burris Miles E. Tywappity

Busby Sheppard Tywappity

Cain Joshua M. Wolf Island

Carry Henry Mississippi

Carter George T. Birds Point

Chambers Saley St. James

Chambers William Mississippi

Childers Martha C. St. James

Clark Elily Wolf Island

Clifford Harvey Tywappity

Clinton James Mississippi

Cobb Semore E. Birds Point

Cobb Serrepta Birds Point

Cole Frances Birds Point

Colley Nathan M. Long Praire

Collier William Long Praire

Collins Hugh A. James Bayd

Colvin James F. Wolf Island

Colvin Martha E. Wolf Island

Combs Abram D. Mississippi

Combs William P. Wolf Island

Cook William J. Tywappity

Cooper Louisa Long Praire

Cooper Samuel H. Long Praire

Crail Charles L. Birds Point

Crotty John Mississippi

Cubbey Hiram Birds Point

Culling George St. James

Cupp Edna Mississippi

Cutting George St. James

Dalton Thomas J. Tywappity

Davidson John Tywappity

Davis Melvina Mississippi

Dickson Philip Wolf Island

Douglas John Mississippi

Drake Martha J. James Bayd

Drew J.R. St. James

Durden Eliza Birds Point

Duson Anderson Wolf Island

Eastwood James St. James

Eaves Andrew J. Tywappity

Ervin Dudley Tywappity

Esery John Tywappity

Falkner Daniel Long Praire

Farnsworth Jackson James Bayd

Ferguson Albert Mississippi

Ferguson Brice James Bayd

Fisher Atlas B. Birds Point

Fisher Henry Tywappity

Forbes Thomas B. Tywappity

Fowler William h. St. James

Fox Columbus A. Long Praire

Fox Levi Birds Point

Fray Henry H. Long Praire

Freeman Calvin Tywappity

French Lory R. Tywappity

Frie Jonathan Tywappity

Fulkerson Thomas Birds Point

Gibbar John Tywappity

Gibbar Lussia Tywappity

Golightly Isaac Long Praire

Goodin Jacob B. Birds Point

Grace James D. James Bayd

Gracy Turner Wolf Island

Gregg William James Bayd

Griffin Samuel Wolf Island

Grigsbey Aron L. Tywappity

Grigsbey Julia R. Tywappity

Groff John R. St. James

Gullion Jeremiah Long Praire

Hagin Micheal L. Tywappity

Hale Rebecca Mississippi

Haley Green F. James Bayd

Hall Alfred L. James Bayd

Hall David Tywappity

Hall William Tywappity

Hankins William T. Wolf Island

Hanley James M. Tywappity

Harper Randolph M. Birds Point

Harrison Green B. Birds Point

Hartsfield William Mississippi

Harvey Clifford Tywappity

Hastings John A. Birds Point

Hastings John A. Birds Point

Hawkins Scuylar J. Tywappity

Hawkins William Wolf Island

Hedge William P. Tywappity

Henry John Birds Point

Herron John Mississippi

Hester William E. Long Praire

Hickman John Mississippi

Higgins Frank Tywappity

Higgins William James Bayd

Hinton Jethro Tywappity

Hobbs John K. Tywappity

Hobbs Mary V. Tywappity

Hobson Mary A. Tywappity

Holland De Maries Tywappity

Holland Jerymire Tywappity

Horten Catherine Birds Point

Hubbell William H. St. James

Hull L. Alfred James Bayd

Hunter Kate Mississippi

Isaac Joseph Tywappity

Jackson James Birds Point

James James M. Wolf Island

Jewell Josephus Tywappity

Jewell Louisa C. Tywappity

Johnson Charles Long Praire

Johnson Elbert D. Mississippi

Johnson Frank Wolf Island

Johnson Laura Wolf Island

Johnson Prince Mississippi

Jones James Mississippi

Jones Robert H. Tywappity

Jones Sally Mississippi

Kane Malindy Tywappity

Kane Thomas J. Tywappity

Keeton Procktor Birds Point

Keeton Sarah Birds Point

Kellams Delano James Bayd

La Montague Louis Tywappity

Lane Mary Wolf Island

Lane Samuel Wolf Island

Lawrence John P. Birds Point

Lee Joseph Birds Point

Lee Peter Birds Point

Lemon John Mississippi

Leonard Alice E. Wolf Island

Leonard Samuel J. Wolf Island

Lewis Martha J. Mississippi

Lewis Stark Mississippi

Linder William Mississippi

Loflin Laura Tywappity

Lowery Elias St. James

Lucas Emma Mississippi

Lucas Isaac Mississippi

Lucas Margaret Mississippi

Lynn Samuel H. Tywappity

Lynn William P. Tywappity

Macklin Elma F. Long Praire

Makey Alex Tywappity

Malone Adline Tywappity

Malone J.N. Tywappity

Manly John H. Birds Point

Marshal Martin St. James

Martin Mary A. Birds Point

Martin Samuel James Byad

Mason Elijah Birds Point

Mathis Spencer Birds Point

McAllister Elizabeth Tywappity

McAllister Ponzo Tywappity

Moore William T. Wolf Island

Moreman Dick Tywappity

Morris William H. Long Praire

Murphy John D. Birds Point

Musgrove James Mississippi

Nowals Delilia Birds Point

Nowals James Birds Point

Nuvals Delilia Birds Point

Nuvals James Birds Point

Parker Elizie J. Birds Point

Parker Henry H. Tywappity

Parker James H. Long Praire

Parker Thomas Birds Point

Pearson Nancy E. James Bayd

Peter Thomas Tywappity

Pettigrew Caleb Mississippi

Pettigrue Wesley Wolf Island

Pettigrue William Wolf Island

Pettis Margaret Mississippi

Phillips Richard M. Long Praire

Pierce Henry H. Tywappity

Portwood William A. Birds Point

Preisker William H. Tywappity

Presson John W. Long Praire

Prueitt Valentine Tywappity

Pursell J.W. Mississippi

Rabem Josian St. James

Rothchild Simon B. Birds Point

Rowe George W. Mississippi

Rowe John M. Tywappity

Rowls Ewing Birds Point

Russell William M. Mississippi

Sandridge Green Tywappity

Scoat James Birds Point

Scott Charles Tywappity

Settles Marcus G. Long Praire

Shelly Isaac D. St. James

Shelly Joseph St. James

Shepherd Henry Tywappity



Transcribed by: Glen A. Sedrick [gsedrick@semo.net]

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