Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri
Biographies of Mississippi County, 1888


Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander is a son
     of J.J. and Mary (Tandy) Alexander, both natives of Kentucky. The
     father is still living and is engaged in farming in  that  State.
     The mother died in 1872. They were the parents of five  children:
     Wayland (deceased), Louis  P.,  Robert  L.  (cashier  of  Hickman
     Bank), Scott, and Ella, (wife of Wallace Bond,  of  New  Liberty,
     Ky). Scott Alexander was born in New Liberty, Ky., on January 17,
     1863. His education, which was begun  in  his  native  town,  and
     supplemented by a four-years'  course  at  Georgetown,  Ky.,  was
     finished at the Commercial College at Lexington, Ky.,  he  having
     graduated from that institution in December, 1883.  He  was  then
     engaged in the mercantile business at New Liberty for about three
     years, after which he went to Hickman and assisted his brother in
     business. In October 1887, he removed to Charleston, since  which
     time he has been cashier of the Charleston  Bank,  which  he  was
     instrumental in organizing. This bank was chartered by the  State
     on October 28, 1887, and now has a  capital  of  $15,000,  and  a
     continual increase of deposits. Mr. Alexander is highly educated,
     and well fitted for his position. He is a member of  the  Baptist

L.H. Allstun

L.H. Allstun was born in
     Hardin County, Ky., September 29, 1837. He is a son of  John  and
     Loucretia  (Brumfield)  Allstun,  both  of  German  descent,  and
     natives  of  Kentucky.   Jeremiah   Allstun,   the   grandfather,
     immigrated at an early day, from Virginia to Kentucky and was one
     of the pioneers of Hardin County. He served in the War  of  1812,
     and was in the battle of New Orleans. He died  in  Kentucky.  The
     maternal grandfather (Brumfield) also died in  that  State.  John
     Allstun was a farmer and lived in Hardin County, Ky., most of his
     life. He, however, died in Jefferson county, Ky.,  in  1871.  His
     wife lived until 1886. They reared a  family  of  nine  children,
     eight of whom are living. Susan (Mrs. A.A. Harrison),  Loyde  H.,
     Nancy, Artemus A.,  Olivie,  Frances,  Hiram  B.  and  Kitty  A.,
     Alexander being deceased. Loyde H. was reared to farm  life,  and
     remained with his parents  until  he  was  married  in  1857,  to
     Frances Boyard, when he began farming for himself, in his  native
     county. His wife died, May 23, 1863, leaving three children: W.R.
     Allstun, John H. Allstun and Susan H.  Allstun  (deceased).  Next
     married to Rhoda Cook, January 6, 1869, by whom he has one child,
     Walter T. Allstun. He remained there until February 1872, when he
     brought his family to Missouri, and located  near  where  he  now
     lives. He rented land for three years, after which  he  purchased
     120 acres, all of which he now has under  cultivation,  and  upon
     which he now resides.

George W. Armer

George  W.   Armer,   a
     prominent farmer  of  Mississippi  County,  was  born  in  Benton
     County, Tenn., August 28, 1849. He is a son of William Armer, who
     located in Long Prairie Township, Mississippi County, on  January
     2, 1855. The latter was born in Tennessee, in 1818, and is a  son
     of Oliver and Nancy (Martin) Armer, who settled in Tennessee at a
     very early day. The former died in 1851, at fifty-nine  years  of
     age, and on March 9, 1845, was united in marriage with  Sarah  A.
     Rushing, born on July 18, 1827, and is a daughter of  William  R.
     and Elizabeth (Ward) Rushing, natives of North Carolina, in which
     State they were reared and married. In 1827 they went with  teams
     to Tennessee, and settled in Benton County. Mr. Rushing  died  in
     1848 and  his  wife  in  1854.  They  had  six  children:  Louisa
     (deceased), Drusilla (deceased), Davis C. (deceased),  Sarah  A.,
     Jamima and Catherine. Ten children were born to William Armer and
     wife: James B. (deceased), Nancy J. (deceased), George W.,  Perry
     D.  (deceased),  Thomas  J.  (deceased),  Noah  W.,   Daniel   B.
     (deceased), Marinda (deceased), Louisa B. (deceased), and William
     T. (deceased). William Armer is a highly respected  citizen,  and
     has been a very successful farmer. His wife is a  member  of  the
     Methodist Episcopal Church. George W. remained with his  parents,
     assisting them on the farm, until he was twenty-five  years  old.
     In 1874 he wedded Nancy Vowels, born in Kentucky. The fall  after
     his marriage, Mr. Armer located on the farm  upon  which  he  now
     resides, consisting of 180 acres of land, with 150 acres under  a
     good state of cultivation, upon which he has a nice residence and
     barn. He and wife have had eight children:  Mary  A.  (deceased),
     Daniel D., William H., Elbert S., Robert B., Thomas J., Nellie J.
     and one infant unnamed (deceased). Both Mr. and  Mrs.  Armer  are
     members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He is  a  member
     of the A.F. & A.M.

Noah W. Armer

Noah W. Armer was born on his
     father's farm, in Mississippi county, near where he now  resides,
     in 1857. He is a son of William and Sarah  (Rushing)  Armer  [see
     sketch of George W. Armer]. Noah W.  remained  with  his  parents
     until the fall of 1886, when he removed to the farm,  upon  which
     he now resides. On March 21, 1886, he was untied in marriage with
     Katy Frawley, a native of Grenada, Miss., born in December, 1869.
     She is a daughter of Edward  and  Sarah  (Buckner)  Frawley,  the
     former a native of Dublin,  Ireland,  and  the  latter  of  Scott
     County, Mo. Mr. Frawley came from New York to Missouri, in  which
     State he was married. He afterward removed to Mississippi,  where
     he resided until his death, in 1881. Mrs. Armer remained with her
     father until she was about thirteen years of age,  when  she  was
     sent to the Female Seminary at Woodville, Miss. Upon leaving that
     institution, she entered  the  Natchez  Institute,  and  remained
     nearly three years, after which she came to  Mississippi  County,
     Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Armer were  intelligent  and  enterprising,  and
     have a bright future before them. They enjoy the  comforts  of  a
     good home, and have one child, Eloise, born August 21, 1887. They
     are   both   members   of   the   Methodist   Episcopal    Church


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