An account of the LEE family

time moves lines but people often remained in same location
how my ancestors moved to Missouri.

and a PHOTOGRAPH of the Lee Farm

Written by: David H. Lee

My mother who is 89, was raised in the Fish Lake area of Ohio Twp near Huff (Hough) Station. Her father Fred D Davis, lived on the old Davis Homestead

Fred D. Davis, was on the school board of Fish Lake School. The school closed in 1914.

The children would catch the train at Huff Station ride to Charleston. Where Mr. Clay Lee, would pick them up in a Jitney bus; transport them to Eugene Field School and return in the evening.

I have a video interview of three elderly members of our family made
at a family reunion near Lake of The Ozarks in 1990 . A treasure of information.

I also have an account of a family reunion held near Wolf Island called: "The Gathering of the
Clans." It was attended by: Robert E Lee and family members came from as much
as 200 miles away.

The article I have was an extract printed in the Enterprize Courier and referenced a Cairo paper and one from the Cape.I don't know if those papers would have the originals or not.
Well I have rambled on enough ,let me know if you want more.

Dorothy Renaud, a cousin of mine has done years of research on the Lee family.

She sent me an extract of "Goodspeeds History of Southeast
Missouri" this book printed in 1888 is from accounts of families who paid to
have their family history put in it.

Some accounts are not entirely accurate but, as family members remembered them.

David H Lee

time moves lines but people often remained in same location

I have an 1883 map that shows Twps ;
    Ohio Twp =Birds Point,Huff Switch,Big Lake ,Fish Lake,Texas Bend areas
    Tywappity =Charleston and surrounding area
    Long Prairie=Bertrand area
    St. James == Hibbard (now East Prairie)
    Mississippi =Crossno, Belmont area (Wyatt is not on map)
    Wolf Island=The Island and mainland
    James Bayou =southern tip of county.
My dad and his dad and mother were born in Wolf Island Twp.
My mother and her dad were born in Ohio Twp
I was born in Tywappity Twp.
A lot has changed from this map .
My gr gr grandfathers obit says he moved from Bullitt co ,Ky March 22,1846
and settled in Matthews Prairie resided there 4 years before moving to Wolf
Island Township in this county,and resided there until his death Feb 26
,1874.The town of Matthews is south of Sikeston in Scott county my 89 year
old mother says they were the same place.

David Lee

I would like to 

share how my ancestors moved to Missouri.

    The Davis forefathers immigrated to America from Wales.One of them was killed by indians in the wilderness of Virginia.Thomas Davis a descendent was a pioneer settler in Lincoln Co KY, when his children (8) were grown he moved to Hardin Co KY. Tandy J Davis a son of Thomas was born March 22,1789 in Lincoln Co. in 1845 Tandy purchased 160 acres of government land in Mississippi Co ,MO .He lived with William ???? that year until his crops were made and he had completed the building of a log cabin,then he returned for his family.In March 1846 Tandy had a flat boat built at his boatyard and launched it on the Salt River.After loading his family their household and farm goods floated down the Salt to the Ohio River then down it to the Mississippi River landing across the river from Cairo,IL at Birds Point ,Mo he sold his Flatboat and took his family to their new home.So reads a Davis Family paper that has no author or date but was passed down thru the family.     The Lee side moved from St Mary,s Co MD in 1778-80 time frame and moved to Mississippi Co Mo Mar 1846 thru 1858.     Mississippi County was formed from Scott county in 1845 and a lot of Government land being available probably trigger this movement.

David Lee David

This is the " Jimmie Lee " farm where the Lee gathering was held.
I am not sure of the date the house was built but James M. Lee filed on this piece
of ground in 1850. My father was born in this house in 1907.
Notice the pyramid shaped tower that has a bell for calling the hands from
the fields in emergency or just for the noon meal.
This house was swept away by the 1937 flood. Dave David Hilary Lee 3581 Alston Chapel Road Pittsboro, NC 27312

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