Corrections to my information on Cemeteries in Mississippi County

This page is here to assist in locating cemeteries.I welcome the assistance of any person who knows the location or name of a cemetery that would help with the research of genealogy welcome to submit Mary Hudson, your host.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for the fine job you do with the Mississippi County webpage. 
I noticed that the list of cemeteries did not include Dogwood Cemetery,
one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in Mississippi County.  It is
located several miles south of Bertrand on Route B in the community of
Dogwood next to the Dogwood United Methodist Church.  Also, your list
says that Armour Cemetery is in East Prairie.  Armour Cemetery is
actually barely south of Bertrand off Route B.  Armour is many miles
from East Prairie, so it would be much more accurate to say it is in
Bertrand than East Prairie.  I can say this because I grew up between
Dogwood and Armour on Route B.  Thanks in advance for your kind
attention to these two matters
Alan Heath
This Page Placed Here By:
Mary A. Hudson
On November 7th, 1998